Who said that you have to be at home?There are many benefits for travel during pregnancy!You can rest assured if you know these

In the concept of the elders, when you are pregnant, you have to stay at home and raise your fetus with peace of mind.Except for a walk in the community, don’t go anywhere.But for the physical and mental health of pregnant women, this is very unfavorable.

Emotional fluctuations during pregnancy are already very large, and it is easy to think about it.If you stay at home, you can’t get in touch with a fresh environment, it is easy to feel bad.

Now they pay attention to scientific pregnancy, eugenics.During the regular check -up, the doctor also said that going out for more.If conditions permit, you can go out to travel.

Traveling during pregnancy is actually a lot of benefits.Most of the place where tourism is beautiful and the environment is good, these can make pregnant women have a good mood.At the same time, in the process of travel, pregnant women can also get appropriate exercise, and their physical fitness can be improved.So whether it is psychologically or physical, it is beneficial.

However, pregnant women are special groups after all, and they are being protected throughout pregnancy. They need to pay attention to many things.Therefore, traveling during pregnancy can not be reckless, but to understand some related matters, so that you can rest assured to travel.

First of all, we must understand the best time for travel during pregnancy, not suitable for traveling throughout pregnancy.Although even doctors recommend that pregnant women go out, pay attention to travel time.The 20th to 27th weeks of pregnancy is the most stable period, that is, the best travel for five or six months of pregnancy.

Secondly, the choice of travel destinations is also important.Do not choose remote mountainous areas with inconvenient transportation, and try to choose cities with developed tourism.On the transportation of transportation, avoiding bumpy journey, most of the city’s transportation is more convenient.

Try to choose cities with good medical conditions, so that even if there are accidents, it is good to treat them in time.On the way to travel, it is recommended to bring some materials and cases of previous production inspections.In case of accidents, the doctor is in time, and the doctor knows your physical condition as soon as possible.

In the arrangement of the itinerary, you must pay attention to the rhythm of travel.The travel schedule of pregnant women must be loose, not too much strength, after all, physical strength is limited.You can just arrange a half -day play schedule, sleep in the morning to sleep, go out for food at noon, play attractions in the afternoon, eat dinner in the evening, and end your trip.

The diet during pregnancy is very noticeable, and it cannot be sloppy during the journey.And travel generally wants to taste local specialty food. At this time, you must arrange reasonably, and you cannot overeating.And some ingredients that are not suitable for pregnant women must hold back.

The most commonly involved transportation tools are high -speed rail and airplanes. There are no special restrictions on the high -speed rail. Here I mainly talk about the relevant regulations of the plane!

Pregnant women have time limit for airplanes, and they can take the plane normally under 7 months of pregnancy.The stewardess saw that you were a pregnant woman would ask your month, and it was basically no problem without more than 7 months.However, if more than 7 months, the doctor’s consent is required. Generally, it is not recommended to travel.

However, whether it is a plane or a high -speed rail, the security check is indispensable.In the usual life, you have to check the subway.Finally, let’s talk about everyone’s concerns about security inspection!

Regarding the issue of security radiation, it is not taboo to see yourself.In fact, the radiation of the security gate and the handheld security instrument is very small, and it is used to detect metal, so it has no effect on pregnant women.However, in order to allow passengers to be at ease, general security personnel will put away the security inspection instrument and check it by hand.If it is a plane, pregnant women can take special channels, and can avoid waiting for a long time.

Seeing this, do you have new ideas?Don’t be stupid, think that you have to be at home during pregnancy. If you are a healthy and normal pregnant woman, you must arrange a trip for yourself during pregnancy. Such a life during pregnancy is perfect!After all, a special day of two heartbeats in the body is only ten months, and it has passed in a blink of an eye.Isn’t it good to leave unforgettable memories and beautiful photos during pregnancy?

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