Which subject should I look at oral problems?There are many people who run wrong ~

There are so many sections of the dental section. Which subject should I look at?

When many patients go to the dental hospital for the first time, they will tell the staff: "Give me a dental department!" The staff will ask: "A dozen departments are dental department, which department do you want to hang?" The patientI can’t help but have questions in my heart: I just look at my teeth. Why are there so many departments?

Before solving this problem, everyone should first understand that the detailed degree of dental division of different hospitals is different, and the divisions of different dental specialized hospitals are also somewhat different.The advantage of sub -subjects is that the departmental medical care is handled in the same type of daily treatment, which is more convenient for symptomatic treatment.Therefore, the correct choice is important!

How can I register right?Fast collection!

Dental pulp pathology

It mainly treats dental caries, pulpitis, inflammation of the root tip, and non -caries.As follows, such as toothache, teeth, there are holes in the teeth, pustules on the gums, and teeth color change, etc. Please be a dental vein.

Figure 1 Tube treatment steps

Oral maxillofacial surgery

There are multiple branches in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The common problems of the consultation include tooth extraction, dental planting, alveolar bone trimming, lip or tongue tie trimming.

In addition, the following situations should also be removed in time: infection, trauma, fracture, tumor, mandibular deformity, temporal vibrato joint disease, salivary gland disease, neuropathy, congenital lip and palate, congenital lip and palate, neck -and -palateSurgery treatment of diseases.

Figure 2 tooth extraction

Oral Repair Section

The oral repair department is mainly responsible for the diagnosis and treatment operations such as fixed dental dental reimbing, activity dental dental repair, tooth veneer repair or beauty crown production due to the lack of teeth, the large range of teeth, and improvement of the teeth.

In addition, the tooth routine after the root canal needs to be used as a crown, and it is necessary to go to the oral repair department.

Figure 3 Crown Repair Technology

Oral planting

Oral planting department is a department specializing in dental implants. Regardless of a single or multiple dental lack, you can implant implants (artificial dental roots) in the dental area, and then produce repair and repair body (fake dental dental tooth), Complete planting repair.

Figure 4 Planting repair technology


Orthodontics is mainly responsible for orthodontics, which is often said to wear braces.

When there are problems such as incompetence of teeth, teeth, ground bags, abnormal bite relationships, and deep coincidence, you should go to the Obverse Department of Orthodontics.Some hospitals can also provide orthodontics for sleep respiratory suspension syndrome (commonly known as "snoring").

Figure 5 orthodontics showing intention

Oral mucosal disease

Oral mucosal disease mainly refers to the normal color, shape, integrity, and function of the normal color, shape, integrity and function of the norms of the norms of the norms.

The following situations can be hung in the department of the cavity: oral ulcers, corneritis, flat moss, herpes oral inflammatory disease, oral leukoplakia, etc.

Figure 6 Oral mucosal disease

Periodontal pathogenic

Dental diseases are mainly responsible for two types of diseases: gum disease and periodontal disease.Common diagnosis and treatment operations include tooth washing, gums, and periodontal surgery.

The following circumstances should be removed from periodontal disease: regular tooth washing, redness and swelling of the gums, bleeding, and pain (all above are symptoms of gumitis), gum retract, loose teeth, and root exposure (the above are symptoms of periodontitis).

Figure 7 Symptoms of periodontal disease

Section of temporal vibrato joint disease

When chewing, oral maxillofacial pain, arthroplasty, difficulty in opening mouth, and temporal mandibular arthritis should be used to go to the joint clinic.

Child Stomatology

Children’s stomatology is mainly targeted at the diseases and prevention of children under the age of 16, including the closure of deciduous teeth and constant grinding teeth, fluoride, damage with holes, teeth pain, permanent teeth in time, not timely deciduous teeth need to be produced early gaps.For those who keep the device, the teeth are arranged seriously, the relationship is disordered, and the child’s teeth need early intervention of orthodontics.

Figure 8 Children’s teeth pain

Some large dental hospitals will have emergency department, which generally treats emergencies trauma, such as breaking to teeth and other emergencies that need to quickly retain natural teeth.If you really do n’t know what department, choose the dental comprehensive department.

Registration to the correct department can reduce unnecessary referral links, save time for consultation, timely diagnose the condition, and quickly choose the appropriate treatment method.In order to provide convenience services, many large -scale specialty hospitals have set up free pre -diagnostic rooms. When patients need routine oral examinations, cannot be hung up, or they do not know which subjects should be hung, they can go directly to this clinic.

The last thing to emphasize is that the dental department does not draw fishbone!IntersectionIntersectionThe fishbone thorns should be registered to the otolaryngology department. The dental treatment is dental -related projects, and the removal of the fishbone needs to be used for special equipment, so it is also reminded that it is best to go to the otolaryngology clinic as soon as possible after being stuck in the fishbone!

Author brief article Author: Zhang Wenlin Lin and Zhang Wen Author Unit: Jiangsu Stomatology Hospital of Nanjing Medical University Affiliated Stomatology Hospital

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