Which one is more hurt?

In the family planning outpatient clinic, doctors often encounter little girls carrying a schoolbag, and they hurriedly said after sitting down:

"I’m here to be the flow of people, the faster the better, I have to go to class in a while."

Could it be that in their eyes, do you have an abortion when you lie on the bed?

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In the hurrying of the patient’s flow, gynecologists are often asked by patients:

"I should be people or medicine, which harm is smaller?"

Regarding this, I will talk to you next.


The "flow of people" we say is the method of termination of pregnancy after manual intervention.

In fact, it is to terminate the plan or pathological pregnancy with surgery, including negative pressure attraction and tong scraping. [1]

Negative pressure attraction: Use a straw into the uterine cavity, and suck the embryo tissue in the uterus through a strong suction.

This picture is a schematic diagram. Before 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has not been formed before 10 weeks of pregnancy, but it is just a fetal sac.

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Piestan scraping: It is suitable for sucking the pregnancy tissue that can no longer be simply relying on negative pressure. It is necessary to further remove the placenta and fetal limbs.

Drug current

The drug flow refers to the way to terminate pregnancy by taking abortion drugs by taking abortion drugs in the case of color Doppler ultrasound examination.

Everything is about the timing, and so is the baby’s forced to leave.

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The drug flow is suitable for pregnancy within 7 weeks from the first day of menstruation.At this time, the embryo was small. The pregnancy was terminated by macyehyl lycolioliol alcohol, and the excretion rate of the embryo tissue was as high as 94%.

The former (meterone) blocked the progesterone receptor to make the uterine molt degeneration necrosis and soften the cervix. The embryo development was finally terminated.

Once the pregnancy is more than 7 weeks, the drug flow is not applicable.

Within 10 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy sac and embryo are relatively small. When the placenta has not yet formed, the negative pressure can be used to suck the pregnancy to achieve the purpose of abortion.

Wait until the pregnancy of 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, because the fetus gradually grows or even bone formation, negative pressure suction surgery can no longer meet the requirements. At this time(Pie scraping).

Drug current

Advantages: Avoid surgical related complications: uterine cavity adhesion, uterine perforation.


① Long time: long bleeding time, long waiting time, rising chance of infection.

② The success rate is uncertain.The key to the success of the drug flow is whether there is no excretion of the gestational sac or whether there is no abortion.

Abortion surgery


① Save time, convenient and fast, in most cases in one step;

② The endometrium damage is small. After sucking the gestational sac, you don’t have to break the palace blindly;

③ The success rate is high, and it can reach 99%to 100%in regular hospitals.


The operation is complicated, and the relevant physician’s methods are very high. If the first time it is not successfully sucked out or obtained, the palace is required.

In addition, if the physician is not proficient enough, it is very likely that postoperative complications (infection, uterine adhesion, uterine perforation, and ectopic pregnancy) are high.

The flow of people is simple, just sleep?

The words "painless", "superconducting", "visual", and "microtubucta" are often seen in the word "people flow" in advertising leaflets, and there are even hospitals that are not damaged.

Here, Zhimei tells you the responsibility: At present, the artificial flow in the world is said to be negative pressure attraction or tong scraping. There is no advanced technology to achieve no damage.Come on, everything is good.

The flow of people hurts the body a lot?

Doctors will recommend the appropriate way to terminate pregnancy according to your pregnancy week and related situations.Choosing a regular hospital is extremely critical!Strictly follow the doctor’s advice after surgery, and the damage caused by miscarriage can eventually be compensated to a certain extent.

Drug flow is less damage than abortion?

Not necessarily.

The excretion rate of embryo tissue caused by meteroethyl with tado tado can reach 94%. Most of the time, it can indeed avoid the "curettage" operation and reduce damage to the endometrium.

However, about 6%of patients still need to terminate pregnancy by curettage.

Due to the different absorption and sensitivity of the drugs, some patients still have residues in the uterus after the drug flow.The existence of residues can cause patients with poor uterine contraction and even infection.

Therefore, the vagina will have continuous or intermittent bleeding, and lasts for more than 2 weeks or more. The bleeding time is long and the chance of infection is high [4], which is not smaller than the flow of people.

In the end, Zhimei reminded young people who are caught in vigorous love. Artificial abortion is not a way of contraception, but only remedy.Love her, please remember scientific contraception!

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