Which hospital should I choose?

After seeing the two bars on the pregnancy test paper at home, the girls should go to the hospital as soon as possible to do the related tests or examinations that can prove pregnancy, such as blood pregnancy test, urine pregnancy test or B -ultrasound examination.

Only after obtaining the evidence of determining pregnancy can we bring the household registration or temporary residence permit of the husband and wife, the identity card of the husband and wife, and the family planning service certificate to the local community health service center to apply for maternal or mother and child health files.With this file, you are qualified to choose the appropriate hospital to build files (if the relevant policies have been adjusted newly when this book was officially published, it is necessary to prepare materials according to the current policy).


Most hospitals will allow pregnant women to build files around 12 weeks of pregnancy. Many hospitals will restrict places. Therefore, please contact the archives in advance.After the archives are established, pregnant women must have a series of examinations, such as blood routine, blood biochemistry, blood type, liver and kidney function, thyroid function, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.These inspections are not only done once.Many people choose to go to the hospital they want to build a file when they go to the hospital for the first time at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.Some hospitals can make an appointment in advance to build files. You’d better inquire in advance and have no preparation.

Choosing a archive hospital to establish a file is very important for the whole pregnancy.This means that the medical services and health guarantees you will receive throughout the pregnancy are provided by this archive hospital. If it is not surprising, the child will also be born here, so you must be careful when choosing a archive hospital.

The content I want to say below is very important. Please read it carefully with your husband.How many steps do you need to choose the right archive hospital?Three steps!

Step 1: Look at the distance

This is the most practical problem, because the number of times to go to the hospital during pregnancy is more than a dozen times, especially in the third trimester, a little wind blows, pregnant women must go to the hospital immediately.Some things.If pregnant women suffer from some chronic diseases or complications, let alone, it must be more frequent.For pregnant women and their families, it is okay to go one or two times, and far away, but if you are so tossing, you must carefully choose a near -built hospital.Otherwise, the only one who suffers in the end can only be a pregnant woman himself.

Look at the distance

There are also some people who finally chose a far -file hospital, but they rented a house near the hospital. This is because they recognized the hospital, and it was convenient to live in the nearby map.

When considering this factor, there are three points to pay attention to:

(1) The distance here includes two paragraphs, one is the distance from the work unit to the construction hospital, and the other is the distance from the home -to -construction hospital.Many pregnant women will still go to work in the early and in the early pregnancy, and at this time, most pregnant women will depart from the work unit to go to the hospital for check -up, or return to work unit to work directly after the birth check.Start from home to the hospital, so you need to consider these two distances.Especially for pregnant women at work, it is recommended to do a good job of work and residential planning during pregnancy in the early pregnancy.In this way, we can achieve a methodical and avoid tossing back and forth.

(2) The distance is best within 5 km, or you can say that, if you drive, you can reach the hospital within 20 minutes.Although most of them are not emergency when going to the hospital during pregnancy, once an emergency occurs, it is necessary to arrive at the hospital as soon as possible, otherwise the best treatment time may be missed, and pregnant women and children may have an unpredictable danger.If you have a car at home, it is best to let the husband get familiar with the route to go to the hospital in advance. In case of emergency, you can arrive at the hospital safely.Of course, if you encounter an emergency, you can also choose to dial 120 to take the ambulance.

(3) You can also choose public transport, such as buses, subways or light rails.They each have their own problems. The bus is easy to encounter traffic jams, and the driving is not smooth, while the subway is relatively stable, but the passenger flow is large, the space is relatively closed, and there will be more on the stairs. If you catch up with the morning and evening peaksEssenceI did have seen many pregnant women who crowded the subway on the way to work. Some pregnant women seemed to be very pregnant. I really sweat for them … However, it is not easy to work hard in a big city.If you have a car or have conditions to take a taxi, who wants to squeeze the subway?

Alas, don’t say these anymore.In short, these factors need to be considered in terms of distance.

Step 2: Look at the hospital level

The hospitals for us are generally so many: the large -scale comprehensive hospitals of the three -headed comprehensive hospital, the Ministry of Specialty Department of the Ministry of Special Demands of the Three A Opinion Hospital, the third -level comprehensive hospital, the municipal (district) maternal and child health hospital, and private hospitals.Don’t worry, let me analyze it one by one.


The medical level of hospitals such as a large -scale comprehensive hospital must have no fuss about the medical level. As long as it is a large comprehensive hospital in the top three, there must be obstetrics and gynecology (this is the state).In the consciousness of many people, the level of obstetrics and gynecology of different hospitals is very different, but in fact, there are relatively obvious differences in the level of gynecological levels, and the level of obstetrics is basically different.no problem.

However, the advantages of the comprehensive hospital are mainly reflected in "comprehensive", which means that the hospital’s department is set up very comprehensive. In case of problems other than obstetrics and gynecology, the medical forces of various departments can be convened in the hospital to deal with them together.

Of course, the advantages of the three large comprehensive hospitals are obvious, and the disadvantages are very prominent. Needless to say, everyone knows that there is no less seen in TV or news: there are many patients, the environment is chaotic, the service is poor … AnywayThree -level comprehensive hospitals can be thought of poor visits.It is not easy to maintain conventional diagnosis and treatment services without going out. Although they also work very hard in improving the experience of the consultation, they have little effect.Now the contradiction between doctors and patients is getting stronger, which is indeed increasingly embarrassed by the hospital.

The international or special departments of the three large -scale comprehensive hospitals have these two departments, and the hospitals of these two departments are basically those of the hospitals in the country. I will not mention the specific name.Just say conditions, because the price is as a threshold, so this place is good, patients with fewer patients, and services are in place.It’s just that they are limited to the number of people, and sometimes they are not even open to the public, so if you have plans, it is best to understand it in advance.

The third -level comprehensive hospital generally refers to the third -level and second -class comprehensive hospitals of the city (district) level. Many of them are hospitals in the service system, such as power hospitals, railway hospitals, civil aviation hospitals, and coal mining hospitals.From the perspective of level, all aspects are one level worse than the large comprehensive hospital in the top three. The advantages are not very prominent, and of course the disadvantages are not too obvious.Obstetrics and gynecology are basically available, and some of my sisters work at the third -level comprehensive hospital.Judging from their feedback, they are usually not busy with work, and they are more than enough to deal with daily problems, but if they encounter tricky patients, they may not be able to deal with it.Such patients may need to be referred.

The city (district) class maternal and child health hospital is available in your city or region. They undertake the health care of most maternity and infants and infants.Most of them are not too big. Generally, pregnant women who are in good condition can choose this kind of maternal and child health hospital.They focus on women and children, and there are not many patients and are not mixed.Because of focusing, they will have a lot of intimate design for maternal mothers.Of course, don’t just listen to the names, you feel that the level of these hospitals is not good. In fact, the level of maternal and child health hospitals in some places is no less than the three large comprehensive hospitals in the top three.Hospital.

Of course, in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, there are obvious shortcomings such as such hospitals. If you encounter situations that cannot be treated, sometimes you need to ask foreign aid or refer patients.

Hospitals such as private hospitals have gradually become a choice for many people.Some high -quality private hospitals not only have a high level of medical care and service quality, but also care about feedback from patients. After all, such hospitals mainly obtain more patients by reputation.There may be a few private hospitals in a region, and some cities may simply have no decent private hospitals.

Of course, in addition to the high charges, the characteristics of private hospitals are also limited to medical equipment and beds. It can be said that they provide one -on -one services. Patients will not be disturbed by others …But from another perspective, it can also be considered that the medical power of such hospitals is insufficient and the patient’s carrying capacity is limited.In short, each profit and disadvantage.

Private hospitals may sometimes require foreign aid or referring patients.In addition, many of the costs of private hospitals cannot be reimbursed. Therefore, some private hospitals have selected patients. Usually they refuse to suffer from pregnant women who cannot handle diseases. After allgeneral Hospital.

Step 3: Make appropriate choices based on individual conditions

Individual situation

Simply put, the specifics are divided into the following.

(1) In general (blood pressure, blood sugar, liver and kidney function, thyroid function, etc.), no basic diseases (cardiovascular disease, nervous system disease, endocrine system disease, etc.), infectious diseases (AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B, etc.) Pregnant women with potential genetic diseases and genetic risks.Usually this kind of pregnant women are smooth during pregnancy and are the "high -quality pregnant women" we think.This kind of pregnant women do not have high requirements for medical levels. When choosing a hospital, they try to choose as much as possible. There is no need to go to a large hospital.Its appropriate choice is the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the third -level comprehensive hospital, and the private hospital.

(2) Generally, it is not very good (occasionally a cold, fever, blood pressure fluctuations, etc., may increase during pregnancy), but there are no problems with pregnant women in other aspects.Usually this kind of pregnant women occasionally have some small abnormalities.Its appropriate choice is Maternal and Child Health Hospital, large -scale comprehensive hospitals, three -level comprehensive hospitals, and private hospitals.

(3) Pregnant women who are generally not good and have a basic disease.Such pregnant women may need more reliable medical services and guarantees, and they need to be referred when necessary.Its appropriate choice is the international or special department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the top three comprehensive hospitals, and the Ministry of Three A large comprehensive hospital.

(4) Women who usually have poor health and have several complications or other risks.For such women, we generally do not recommend that they are pregnant.If such women are pregnant and they still want this child, their appropriate choice is the international department or special needs of the three large comprehensive hospitals of the top three, and the three -headed comprehensive hospital.

Speaking of which, I believe you should have answers in your heart.

However, I want to add a little bit.

If you feel that the medical level in your area is not good, or if you want to go to the country to have children, in addition to considering the issue of traffic, you must also consider many procedures. If you have to go to the referral, you only have to go to the referral.Only then can we reimburse medical insurance and maternity insurance.We have also encountered this kind of childbirth. If you toss them and toss them, in the end, if you can’t do it, the result is either that it will bear the cost or return to the original hospital again … In short, the happiness index will decline.So I hope everyone should think clearly before choosing a archive hospital.

Finally, you must also ask a question: If you have acquaintances in the hospital, how do you choose?

In fact, in the current society, if there are acquaintances in the hospital, it is basically a privilege.If you can register casually, you can be hospitalized … then it is basically the first to achieve medical freedom.But for other patients, this may be unfair.

But the problem is that the acquaintances in that hospital may not help you make the most suitable choice. On the contrary, you may make a wrong choice because he believes too much.Therefore, I will be the acquaintances in the hospital that everyone wants to have to help you analyze what is the best choice for you.In this way, even if you do not have an acquaintance in the hospital, you can make relatively suitable choices.

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