Where is there a week without any intention?

Normal diet, but often there is no intention for a week

I deliberately did inspection of blood, gastrointestinal, abdomen CT, etc.

No abnormalities were found

For this, Ms. Li wondered

Where did you go?

It is recommended that Ms. Li comes to our hospital anorectal surgery.After understanding the condition, chief physician Xie Shangkui, an anorectal surgery in our hospital, arranged for Ms. Li to make some examinations. After analysis, it was finally diagnosed with a slow transmission constipation with pubic gowns.

"It is a hybrid constipation, a kind of chronic functional constipation," Xie Shangkui introduced.

There is no spicy and unhappy, lack of "oil and water",

Insufficient drinking water and excessive mental stress …

Everyone has more or less experience in constipation,

However, some constipation is not so simple.

Featured symptoms of constipation

The characteristic symptoms of constipation are reduced frequency, laborious defecation, hard stools, unclean bowel movements, stool anal rectal obstruction, and hand -auxiliary discharge of bowel movements.There are 2 or more characteristic symptoms can be diagnosed as constipation.

Remember, not just the stool is dry and the number of defecations is reduced is constipation!

What is chronic functional constipation?

Xie Shangkui pointed out that in the short term, or no more than 6 months of constipation symptoms are called temporary constipation. Most people have had this situation. Generally, they can improve by adjusting dietary habits or simple drug treatment.

The symptoms of constipation for more than half a year are chronic constipation. In this case, you need to check it carefully.

Non -organized constipation is called functional constipation, that is, this kind of constipation is not caused by intestinal lesions.Based on this reasoning, the functional constipation with a constipation of more than 6 months is called chronic functional constipation.

According to the Roman IV (2016) standard, chronic functional constipation is divided into four types: slow transmission constipation (STC), export obstructive constipation (OOC), hybrid constipation (MC), and normal transmission constipation (NTC).

Treatment of constipation

Xie Shangkui said that the treatment of constipation can be roughly divided into the following four types: general treatment, drug treatment, biological feedback, or sacral stimulation treatment and surgical treatment.

1. General treatment

Normal people 3 times or 3 times a day, feces forming, semi -molded or slightly dry, smooth bowel movements, no obvious discomfort, that is, it is normal, there is no need to worry too much or over -drug interference.

Secondly, change some bad habits.Increased dietary fiber and develop good bowel habits, and it is easy to cause chronic constipation for long -term inconvenience.Friends with severe anxiety can conduct psychological intervention.

2. Drug treatment

When adjusting invalidation, the drug is generally selected according to the severity, cause and type of constipation.

Drug treatment should follow the principles of third -level drug treatment of specialists.Mild constipation preferred puff agents, such as wheat bran, European car, methyl cellulose, etc.; Invalid or medium and severe constipation can be used to use polyethylene glycol, lactose, salt light laxatives and other permeability.Drug treatment can be appropriately applied to irritating laxatives: rhubarb, vertex leaves, fruit guidance, etc. However, these drugs should not be taken in large quantities for a long time.

3. Biological feedback or sacral nerve stimulation treatment

For export obstruction constipation such as pubic rectal muscle hypertropenic and pelvic foundation, such as export obstruction, such as export obstruction, such as the preferred biological feedback or physical therapy.Chronic functional constipation can also be selected for sacral nerve stimulation, which can effectively improve the symptoms of some patients.

4. Surgical treatment

For long -term medical standards or conservative treatment, related symptoms seriously affect daily life and work patients, and surgical treatment can be considered.

⑴ For patients with slow colon transmission or hybrid constipation, the commonly used surgical methods include colon completely resection and rectal synthetic surgery, with a long -term effective rate of more than 90%.

The colon is applied for hybrid constipation patients. The surgical removal of the rectum is more removed, and the postoperative complications will increase slightly.The colon is abutdy and the ileum. The patient’s adaptation and the impact on the body need to be further observed in clinical observation. At present, it is rarely used.

便 Surgical treatment of export obstruction constipation

Emurge in the rectum (rectal premissions)

Patients with severe rectal hypotonia and constipation and conservative treatment of constipation and the history of defecation can choose surgical treatment. The anal kiss device resection nails and the vaginal rectal pre -swelling repair surgery is commonly used.

It should be pointed out that simple rectal anterior projection is relatively rare. Most patients with diseases such as stacking, perineal decreased, and intestinal hernia should be treated at the same time, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.

Rectal inner sleeve stacked (prolapse in the rectum)

Most rectal prolapse is asymptomatic and there is no need to treat.With discomfort such as stuffy obstruction, frequency, anal tenderness, anal swelling, etc., patients who have ineffective treatment for long -term conservative treatment can consider surgical treatment.

Traditional treatment has internal prolapse and PPH surgery. The symptoms of some patients can be relieved after surgery. However, there are not a few patients with symptoms such as new anal swelling and difficulty in defecation after surgery.

Rectal suspension fixation is a new technique carried out in recent years. Patients who combine rectal anterior proclastation, anal muscle laceration, and underwriting can be surgically repaired during the operation (LVR-Plus).

Disease rectal injection relieves spasm and performs colon resection.Ms. Li never had to worry about where to go 3-5 times a day after surgery!

Transfer from: Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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