When your parents know the first reaction of your pregnancy?The reaction of the man’s parents is the highlight, ha,

Topic today: When parents know what the first reaction of your pregnancy is?

See what netizens say:

Netizen: I just knew that I was pregnant. I called my parents in the hospital. I just called the hospital. My mother asked where you were!I said that in the hospital, my mother asked if she was pregnant!I said yes, my mother collapsed at the time, crying with my dad for a long time. Later, I thought that although they had never forced me, they had always been anxious!My mother and my big treasure belong to pigs, my mother happened to be 60 this year!Sixty years, can you not be excited before holding his grandson?

Netizen: Oh, after I was pregnant, I called my in -laws, and they didn’t say anything, and then the father -in -law called almost a month later, and it was best to get angry with my son.I said that my husband said that if your parents dare to focus on men and women, I dare to give birth to not let them see, and finally I know that it was the big sister who went to fortune telling and said that I was pregnant with a girl.In the end, my baby was not born in her in -laws, let alone take care of them.Born Dabao is a boy, they want to hug, and I am not willing to let them hug.

Netizen: I was pregnant this month, but I just took a lot of medicine just a month, afraid to affect the child, so I did not intend to call his dad and said that he was pregnant.As far as this attitude is left, the child is left, and you can keep it.

Netizen: When I was in love with my husband, I paid attention to two years and did not want children.My mother -in -law said everywhere I was sick and could not be born. I went to the hospital for examination. My husband’s sperm was not good. I felt a sigh of relief at the time. Now my baby is 9 months.

Netizen: I originally wanted to have a two -person world who had been with my husband for a year or two. As a result, my mother urged me to give birth earlier, so under her urging, I was pregnant in less than half a year of marriage.All kinds of uncomfortable, afraid of the pain during unloading, always ask my husband: Who asked you to make my stomach bigger?Can you return the goods?He said: The mother -in -law asked me to do big

Topic today: When parents know what the first reaction of your pregnancy is?

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