When you dream of it when you are pregnant, you can have a girl?A lot of Pao Ma’s personal experience

Many pregnant mothers do all kinds of strange dreams when they are pregnant, and the dreams are particularly real. The key is that the dreams of the dreams of their own male treasures or giving birth to a female treasure pointed out a Avenue of Kangzhuang.

@: When I was pregnant with Dabao, I dreamed of a big snake at both ends for three days, and sometimes dreamed of two.They kept chasing me, and then I was afraid of crawling, so I ran desperately. Without the way to escape, I climbed the door frame. As a result, one of them also climbed up and bite my back.As a result, I woke up instantly, and I felt painful when I woke up!When I was Huai Erbao, I also dreamed of snakes. This time, the little snake was more docile and did not bite me.Now the two boys in the family are really amazing now!

@怀: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of a peach blossom, which was particularly beautiful. After that, my daughter gave birth to her skin and was very white. It was really pink and tender.

@: I didn’t know that I was pregnant at the time. One night I had a strange dream. I dreamed that there was a white, extremely beautiful little dragon in my stomach, and it was particularly good -looking!I became pregnant shortly afterwards. Nine months later, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. The beautiful people are boasting. Among my classmates, my baby is the most beautiful. I really think she is the little white dragon in my dream!

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is mostly influenced by the day of life, in a state of extremely nervousness, or being too excited to make the pregnant mother be trapped in some lively dreams.This is the truth "I think about it, there is a dream at night".However, these intense dreams can easily affect the sleep quality of the pregnant mother, so the pregnant mother takes some measures before going to bed to relax.

1. Soak a hot water foot before going to bed to give the feet warm bath for half an hour, which can relax the muscles and promote blood, relax the brain nerves, and improve sleep quality.

2. Do something you like and keep your mood happy.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should learn to be good. High interest can increase the oxygen supply of the fetus in the belly, and the baby’s mood will be better.

3. Take a walk more after meals. Take a walk is the leisure movement that can relax the mood the most. It is not only conducive to the digestion of the stomach, but also bathing the sun.

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