When you are pregnant, why are you afraid of the doctor’s "Yiyang Finger"?Come here: I can’t wait to change the planet life

Writing: Xiaomeng

Fixed manuscript; Xiao Mu

"Now more and more people are starting to resist the production inspection"

From the marriage inspection to the birth check, more and more women have begun to resist. The marriage checkups are still understandable. Many people understand that after all, the yellow flower girl before the marriage inspection, and some of the projects of the marriage inspection are indeed blushing.

And the marriage check will also make some people feel uncomfortable at another level, and it feels like the other half does not trust themselves, so many people can’t refuse the marriage inspection in the heart.

It is difficult to accept that pregnant mothers to resist the production examination, because after all, they are pregnant. On the one hand, the birth checkup can always pay attention to our own state for children.Moms cannot accept.

This includes a maternal inspection project that makes the maternal budge, that is, "Yiyang refers to the production inspection".

First of all, the maternal test is generally in the early stages of pregnancy, because the internal examination is mainly based on the finger to determine your uterine condition. Is there any deformity to see how the development of the uterus developed.

And this is what every mother has to experience, and there are some instruments to enter our body detection through some instruments. No matter which internal examination belongs to, the maternal blushing is blown.

Some people can’t understand, think they are pregnant anyway, what else do you feel shy?Shouldn’t this be left off for the health of children?People who have not experienced can not move at all.

Only those who have experience will really know how shameful this is, because after all, it is a more private position, and the behavior is still embarrassing, so even those who are pregnant with the second child will feel embarrassing.

What is most unacceptable is not this, but if you are in the internal examination and meet a male doctor, then you really can’t wait to change the planet life. This embarrassment does not want to remember in this life.

1. Male doctor is more stable

I have to say that boys will be more stable than girls in terms of work or technology. When they encounter problems, there is a clear gap, and boys will face it calmly and calmly.

But girls are generally panicked, and some of them are crying and crying. Coupled with the different psychological quality of boys and girls, this also makes different sexual profits.

Whether in gynecology or other aspects, boys are more suitable for gynecology, because gynecology generally encounters some more crisis.

In this crisis, male doctors will better deal with, and they will be more stable. The female doctor is easy to be emotional, which is not a good thing for this doctor’s position.

Therefore, the male doctor is more stable.

2. Male doctor is more professional

It is necessary to know that the hospital also knows that it is easy to cause the dissatisfaction of many people to recruit male doctors in gynecology, and it will also cause the hospital’s wind reviews to be damaged, but the patients should know that patients are not divided into men and women in the eyes of doctors.

Moreover, the hospital does not look at the gender, but only depends on professionalism. It is strong and convincing, so even if he is a man in gynecology, they are willing to give him a good position.

Because everyone in the hospital is checking the body and treating people to save people, no one cares about face, so professionalism is the last word, and it is necessary to know that all men who can be a doctor in gynecology are nothing to say.

Otherwise the hospital will not be willing to bear this risk.

Be more assured when you meet a male doctor

In fact, many times our own mentality has not been adjusted well. To put it plainly, before he became a doctor, they might have to experience more psychological obstacles, because even if you know that even learning gynecologists in universities, there are usually many girls.

In college, they have to hold back the ridicule of other boys, which is worthy of admiration for them. In addition, their courses have already been numb, so they have been adding in the past few years.In the past few years, they have not regarded you as women.

So in the final analysis, our mentality has not been adjusted. We must believe in doctors and believe in their majors. We must not perform gender discrimination whether it is a male doctor or a girl.

They can exist in this field, it shows that they have also tested it, and we have to give them a chance.

As a pregnant woman, we need to be important

We must understand that the checkup is not a child’s play, but that the child’s health can be monitored at any time, and we can detect our own physical condition at any time. It is not what we can escape when we feel shy.

We must understand the importance. Do not cause accidents and health problems because of your face. In fact, you are not worthy of being a parent. As a parent, there are many sacrifices for your children. We must pay attention to distinguish the importance.

Regardless of whether it is a male doctor or a female doctor, we have to do as much as possible for the children. From the moment we are our mother, we must leave the so -called face.

This is the transformation of us from girls to women, so do not discriminate against doctors’ gender, and be as good as possible.

Can you accept the doctor’s Yiyang finger?What are your most annoying production inspection items?Welcome everyone to leave a message at the bottom of the screen!

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