When you are pregnant, external medicine is safer than internal medicine?Listen to the expert’s explanation

Experts in this article: Qiu Zhenwen (Deputy Chief Pharmacist at the Pharmacy Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Liao Xiaohong (Pharmacist Pharmacist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Many people think that external medicine is much safer than internal medicine, and expectant mothers can use it with confidence.No, doctors warn that some external medicines can be absorbed into the blood through the skin and damage the health of the fetus. Pregnant women should use it with caution.

In spring, air moisture worsen, and the weather gradually warms up. It is the best season for the growth and reproduction of various germs of viruses. The quasi -mothers with relatively weak resistance are very easy to "recruit".Many expectant mothers know that they can’t take medicine randomly, but keep in a misunderstanding: Since injections and medicine are not good for the baby, then Didi eye drops should be safer to use outer medicine and external paste?I am afraid that this is not necessarily the case.

Traditional views believe that the ability of complete skin absorption drugs is poor and does not absorb most drugs.In fact, some topical medicines can be absorbed into the blood through the skin, such as drugs that are added with nitrogen ketone (skin -promoting absorption drugs), and applying skin or ointment made by the second meta -based sub -sama, laurel acid, etc.It can achieve the role of local or systemic treatment.Therefore, topical drugs may also affect the health of the fetus.

Of course, judging from the speed of drug absorption, oral drugs are indeed faster than external drugs.This is because the absorption site of oral medication is the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach, large intestine, and small intestine. Among them, the absorption of small intestines is the most important.

Topical medicine is not absolutely "safe" for mothers.Specific mothers should abide by the principle of medication during pregnancy: if available or not, do not use it; it is not more used when it can be used less; it is not combined with medication when it can be used alone; a reasonable treatment treatment is selected;

Before the expectant mothers take, apply, and drip any drugs, whether it is prescription or non -prescription medicine, be sure to adhere to the basic principles that can not be used.If you encounter the case, please take medicine under the guidance of a doctor and pharmacist.

1. Eye potion

When choosing eye drops, expectant mothers should not use the following drugs:

(1) Schotinomycin eye drops, have severe bone marrow suppression effects;

(2) Tetracycline can easily lead to fetal malformation;

(3) Pinosterone, including Vinkhlotonacon and Cisabine, can cause juvenile cartilage dysplasia and joint lesions.

2. Activating blood stasis and stasis plaster

Any plaster containing milky, safflower, no medicine, and peach kernel should be disabled, such as Jingwanhong ointment; external preparations containing musk, pregnant women cannot be used, so as not to cause abortion, such as musk falling to humidity paste falling humid paste., Ma Yinglong musk hemorrhoid cream.

3. Wind oil essence

One of the main components of wind oil essence is camphor and has certain toxicity.After the camphor enters the human body, the glucose phosphoric acid dehydrogenase in the normal human body will quickly combine with it, and it will be discharged from the body with urine.However, due to physiological changes, the content of glucos phosphatlase in pregnant women is reduced, especially within three months of pregnancy, if the wind oil essence is used too much, the camphor will be absorbed into the body through the skin, and then enter the placenta barrier to enter through the placenta barrier.The amniotic cavity acts on the fetus, which can cause threatened abortion and even the fetus death in severe cases.

4. Antibiotic external medicine

Specific mothers should be cautious when using various antibiotics for external drugs. For example: Mapiro Star Ointment (Bacon) is a kind of antibiotic external ointment.Causes a series of adverse reactions. It is best not to use this medicine during pregnancy; Agelovwei’s ointment is an antiviral external medicine, which can inhibit the replication of the virus DNA, but it will also affect the copy of the human body DNA.

5. Killing of ringworm

Antibacterial ointment such as ringworm, which contains club components, is mostly used for the treatment of skin and mucosal fungal infections.However, animal experiments have found that it should be used with toxic effects on embryos.When it is necessary to use it during pregnancy, it should be used appropriately under the guidance of the physician.


Glycogenic hormone drugs (such as codes, hydrogenation, pine, prednisone, pelletoninona, dexamethasone, etc.) have anti -inflammatory and allergic effects, and are widely used in dermatology. However, women in pregnancy are largeWhen area or long -term external use, it can cause the fetal adrenal cortex dysfunction.

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