When these three signals appear, congratulations on your pregnancy!Earlier than menopause, just take one

When many pregnant mothers have awareness of pregnancy, they are discovered because they have not come to menstruation.Then go to pregnancy testing and examination, and finally determine pregnancy.

Although menopause is an important signal of pregnancy, it is not the first signal. Before that, there were other signals, which were often ignored.

Since Xiao Fei and her husband have married, they have always wanted a baby.In the past three years, "Tiangong is not beautiful" and has never conceived.

After many failures, Xiao Fei was very disappointed.But she maintained a habit to observe her body temperature change at all times.

Not long ago, Xiao Fei found that her body temperature lasted for 5 days.She was nervous and happy, and felt like she was pregnant.Coupled with her menstruation, Xiao Fei even concluded that she was pregnant.

Xiao Fei called her husband to go to the hospital for examination. It was really pregnant.The whole family was very happy. After so long, she finally got her wish.

Menstruation knows that it is once a month, and it is the result of endometrial endometrium.

When the pregnant mother is pregnant, the endometrium will stop falling off, and there are ten months of stopping the scriptures.Many pregnant mothers are pregnant because they do not have menstruation.

In fact, before menopause, there were three more signals heralded pregnancy.

1. chest tenderness

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will feel that her chest is swollen, and it still hurts.In fact, on the 2-4th day of pregnancy, you can feel it.

When the fertilized eggs are bed, hormones and hormones are secreted, causing chest pain.This kind of pain is often ignored, making pregnant mothers disagree.

This chest pain will continue until 3 months of pregnancy.When chest pain, you must adjust your underwear in time.

2. Rise body temperature

With the increase of hormones, the temperature of pregnant mothers will increase.About 0.3-0.5 °, generally 21 days.

After the 13th weeks of pregnancy, the body temperature slowly returns to normal range.If the pregnant mother feels that her body temperature has risen, and it has been high for a few days in a row, it often indicates that she is pregnant.

After pregnancy, the body temperature is often overwhelmed. It may be caused by insufficient progesterone, and you need to go to the hospital for examination in time.

3. A small amount of bleeding

In the days when I was pregnant, pregnant mothers may find a small amount of blood flowing out, which is the manifestation of the fertilized eggs just bed.

It is also called "bleeding in bed". This is normal. Generally, the color is relatively shallow.And not every mother will appear.

Generally, this kind of bleeding will appear on the date when the next menstruation is very close. Many pregnant mothers think that it is a sign of menstruation, and will not pay too much attention.

If the amount is very small and there is no abdominal pain, you can continue to observe; if there are more bleeding or accompanied by abdominal pain, you need to seek medical treatment in time to prevent ectopic pregnancy or omen.

1) Make sure good and sufficient sleep

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother also changed from one person to two people.The work of pregnant mothers and babies has become consistent.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the baby is more fragile and unstable, and you need to ensure good and sufficient sleep and take as much rest as possible.

It is recommended to go to bed after 10 o’clock in the evening and get up at 7 am.Poor biological clocks and schedule habits will have an impact on the development of the baby.

2) Balanced nutritional diet

After pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers is the source of the baby’s nutrition.Balanced and reasonable nutritional diet is important to baby’s health.

Pregnant mothers need enough nutrients every day, such as: 1000mg of calcium, 40g of protein, 150g of carbohydrates, 30g of nuts, etc.

The nutrition is enough every day. Do not nutrition. This will make your baby too big, which is not conducive to childbirth.

3) Can’t take medicine randomly

As the saying goes, "it is three poisonous medicines", different drugs, more or less human body, will bring side effects and influence.

Some drugs can also cause baby deformity and miscarriage, which cannot be eaten.

During pregnancy, milder is best not needed, such as a cold.When you have to take the medicine, use it under the guidance of the doctor.Don’t let the drug hurt the baby’s health.

Mother’s message

Pregnancy is one of the major events of a woman, and enjoy the beautiful feeling of integrating with the baby.

Today’s topic: What signal do you find that you are pregnant?

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