When the husband and wife are "in the same room", it is best to avoid these 4 "time points". Don’t be shy. For safety considerations

Now that the society is so open, more and more people have begun to face the incident of husband and wife.Not only can solve the physiological needs of both parties, it can also effectively enhance the relationship between the two sides, get security from the other party, but also largely bring benefits to the body.But for some special circumstances, some time is not suitable for husbands and wives.

Xia Xia has been pregnant for eight months. On the evening, her husband talked to her some love, and the two came with interest and once in the same room.In the early morning, Xia Xia was particularly uncomfortable, with contractions, and her husband hurriedly sent Xia Xia to the hospital. After explaining the situation, the doctor said loudly: "The young people are really sensible now, but fortunately there are no big problems.! "After the help of the doctor, the mother and child were safe, and the baby came to this world prematurely.

1) Period of menstruation just leave

Everyone knows that women’s menstruation is an important period of detoxification of the body. During this period, couples cannot be in the same room, and they are not recommended to have room one or two days before the menstrual period.Because at this time, the vagina and uterus are not completely closed, and bacteria may still be brought into the uterus. If the husband and wife are in the same room, it is easy to suffer from gynecological diseases.

2) Pregnant mother’s first three months in the first stage of pregnancy

At this time, the pregnant mother is still unstable, and it is easy to cause miscarriage by accident, and many pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction in the early stages of pregnancy, which will be very sad.There are many ways to pay attention to, let alone the husband and wife in the same room.

In general, the doctor will deliberately tell the same room during the birth check.

3) Pregnant mothers 7 months to 9 months in the late pregnancy

In the late stage of pregnant mothers, the uterus will be enlarged. At this time, the uterus is more sensitive. If the pregnant mother in the same room may lead to contractions in the uterus, and the baby’s premature birth may cause premature birth.

The baby’s premature birth is actually particularly bad. At this time, the baby’s body’s organs have not developed well, and the adaptability to the outside world is poor.Various diseases are prone to, especially when he was a child, he often caught a cold.

4) Women during confinement

When pregnant mothers have a child, they need to recover for a period of time. Generally, they need to rest for about one month to 42 days.When Baoma finishes confinement, you can go to the hospital for some related examinations. If the body recovers a good recovery, you can arrange the same room. If Bao Ma’s body is not ideal, then you need to continue to wait.It will have a certain impact on a woman’s body.

1. The baby will be healthier

Because the same room during pregnancy will make the pregnant woman feel very happy, and reduce some tension and fear. The so -called mother and child are connected. As long as the pregnant woman’s mood is good, the baby’s mood is naturally good, which will help the baby’s development and growth.And maintaining a pleasant mood is also conducive to the health of pregnant women.

If the pregnant woman’s emotional is unstable and impatient, the body will secrete harmful substances such as adrenaline, and these substances will affect the development of fetal baby through the placenta.It is understood that foreign studies have shown that the life of husband and wife can promote the development of fetal babies smarter.

2. It is conducive to the delivery of pregnant women

During pregnancy, the same room is actually like a pregnant woman is doing a certain exercise, which will relax the pelvis of pregnant mothers and pregnant women. Therefore, it is easier and easier for pregnant mothers to have a smooth delivery.And the exercise of the muscles of the pelvic floor and the relaxation of the pelvic cavity are also conducive to the recovery of postpartum pelvic floor muscles.

However, some pregnant women’s constitution is not suitable for the same room during pregnancy, so be sure to hear the doctor’s advice. Finally, I wish each pregnant mother to be pregnant.

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