When the daughter -in -law was pregnant, the mother -in -law who did these four things was an excellent mother -in -law. The daughter -in -law was blessed.

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Since the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is not good, it is difficult for the Qing officials to break their housework.Some families mother -in -law treats daughter -in -law as pro -daughter, and the family lives in harmony, and they are happy!

The colleague Pharaoh, left a job in the past, went home to prepare to take his grandson to do everything ready to welcome the baby’s arrival.I heard that her daughter -in -law gave birth to a girl. I guess that the child should pass the full moon and call to ask.Her colleagues said weakly that she was sick and quarreled with her daughter -in -law. She was so angry that she couldn’t eat meals and couldn’t sleep at home for a week, and she lost ten pounds.

Pharaoh had divorced early, and her son was only taking care of her. The son was filial, and the mother and child had a good relationship.Last year, Pharaoh had a wedding for his son. This year, he was ready to be a mate -alert grandmother. Whoever thought that the child had not passed the full moon, and the mother -in -law battle began. The daughter -in -law held her granddaughter back to the northern mother of Shaanxi.Northern Shaanxi daughter -in -law, too powerful.

In fact, there is also a sensible daughter -in -law. Last time, she went to my aunt’s house to leave relatives, and she talked about her cousin.After graduating from college, my cousin got married and had children, and had a harmonious relationship with her mother -in -law.My aunt asked me to watch a vibrato. The little boy in the video looked three or four years old and danched with grandma. Both were fashionable. The little boy looked particularly sunny and handsome. Grandma looked very young and spiritual.

My aunt said that the mother -in -law’s mother -in -law was a drama actor. She often led her grandson to sing and dance with her. The cousin was only responsible for going to work.The cousin next to him intervened. Last time, the cousin’s family returned and led her in -laws to lead the child. He accompanied Gannan to travel with him. He had a good relationship with a family.It is said that the cousin is good. I think maybe the cousin is smart and knows how to operate the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law.

In fact, the thing that can test the relationship most may be that the daughter -in -law is pregnant. The mother -in -law serves as the confinement. At a critical moment, watching how her mother -in -law does it, this directly affects how the daughter -in -law treats her mother -in -law later.

When you can help you prepare these four things after you are pregnant, you are treating you as a girlfriend.

1: Various supplements, nutritional products

Everyone knows that during pregnancy, a variety of nutrients need to be supplemented during pregnancy. For example, pregnant women eat more walnuts and children are smart. They eat more fruits and have good skin children.Some pregnant women are very pregnant and do not want to eat. At this time, my mother -in -law needs to prepare various supplements to take care of you, and it will be better to get the mother -in -law’s care.

2: The items needed by pregnant mothers, baby clothes

Good mother -in -law will prepare all kinds of wearing, cover, such as hand -made small cotton cotton, cotton pants, small quilts of baby, small blankets, wool -shaped beautiful shoes, etc.The mother -in -law even prepares radiation protection clothes for her daughter -in -law, prepare various maternal and infant products in advance, and meet such a mother -in -law pregnant woman, and she will remember the good mother -in -law.

3: Scientific arrangement of infant rooms in advance, prepare bedding

Women are more attentive, especially her mother -in -law has a child relatively experienced. She knows how to carefully arrange the baby room, buy the right crib, and prepare for the applicable stroller.The good mother -in -law will take care of everything and welcome the baby’s arrival. After watching her mother -in -law busy all day long, she is preparing to go around, and the pregnant mother will be very moved!

4: Proper economic assistance

In today’s society, it costs a lot of money to have a child. Many things need to use money after giving birth to a child. The current young people generally do not go to work after pregnancy. They rest at home and the economy is relatively tight.If the mother -in -law wraps a big red envelope for her daughter -in -law, all problems will be solved. This red envelope is like rain in time. Some people say that this red envelope is Geely, the daughter -in -law is in a good mood, and the production will go smoothly.In short, the move of the mother -in -law in the snow will make the daughter -in -law remember the good mother -in -law, so that she can be more filial to her mother -in -law in the future.

If the mother -in -law took the initiative to do the above, the daughter -in -law would definitely be filial to the old man in the future. When the daughter -in -law needs to take care of, her mother -in -law took care of her daughter -in -law enthusiastic and thoughtful. When her mother -in -law was old and could not stand on its own, the daughter -in -law took care of the elderly.

The relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law affects the entire family. The smart mother -in -law will treat her daughter -in -law as her daughter -in -law. The filial piety is not as good as her daughter -in -law, and the sensible daughter -in -law will remember the good mother -in -law, operate a good mother -in -law relationship, the entire family and beauty.

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