When she was pregnant for more than 5 months, the girl found that her boyfriend had a family. She broke up decisively and broke up.

When dealing with emotional problems, sometimes decisiveness must be decisive.There is a saying: long pain is not as good as short pain.This sentence is particularly appropriate when it is on the emotional issue. The feelings without results must not be indulgent.

Love is very beautiful, but love must accept intelligent control, and love must develop on normal track in order to smoothly bloom and bear results, and there will be a good future.Those who indulge their feelings and the banner of love will not end after all.

Love must comply with morality and law, and things like extramarital affairs are neither morality nor legal behaviors.

When a person gets married, he must be responsible for marriage and be loyal to his choice.If you are not satisfied with marriage, you can completely divorce, and now it is the age of freedom of marriage.But if you are "stealing people" outside during the marriage of marriage, it is a person’s character problem.

Suppose you are forced to be a third party without knowing it. When you find it, you must correct the error as soon as possible. Do not go further and further on the wrong road.The cliffs are shore, if the obsession is not realized, the thief will not change, and there is only one dead end.

When Lu Ni, 23, went to the mall as a clerk, met a man 6 years older than her.The man was handsome and could say that Lu Ni was immediately attracted by him.Men also like Lu Ni very much. They often come to Lu Ni, and ask Lu Ni to go out to eat, sing and travel.

Lu Ni, who had never been in love, immediately fell into the river of love. In her eyes, this man was perfect and Prince White Horse.After the two confirmed their love relationship, they lived naturally and rented them in a small house in one room.

His boyfriend promised Lu Ni that after he made money, he would definitely give Lu Ni a beautiful wedding.Lu Ni believes in her boyfriend, and feels that with her boyfriend’s ability, he will break out of the world sooner or later.

After living together for half a year, Lu Ni found that she was pregnant, and she proposed to get married.But my boyfriend said that a lot of reasons that they can’t get married are now. The main problem is that he has no money now, and he has to wait until his career has achieved success before remarried.

Lu Ni also wanted to wait for her boyfriend’s career before remarried, but her stomach did not wait!Her boyfriend repeatedly mobilized her to remove her child, saying that they were both young, and there were opportunities for children.After they have a better material condition, they will get a child again, so it is good to the children.

Lu Ni thinks that her boyfriend is right, but she still doesn’t want to kill her children. She thinks this is a life. How can she be killed casually?The child is the crystallization of her and her boyfriend, and she wants to stay.So she proposed to get married with her boyfriend, and it doesn’t matter if the wedding is not held.

His boyfriend was very angry and quarreled with Lu Ni. He felt that Lu Ni was unreasonable.Lu Ni is also a more personality person. The more her boyfriend, the more she is unwilling to kill it.So in those days, the two were quarreling for their children every day. They were much more noisy. Lu Ni felt very confused.

At 5 months of pregnancy, her boyfriend went back to his hometown and said he went back to discuss with his parents to get married.Lu Ni was very happy. Her boyfriend finally agreed to marry her. She didn’t want a luxurious wedding. She just wanted the child to be born legally.

The boyfriend said that he had been back to his hometown for 4 days, but he hadn’t returned for a week, and Lu Ni was a little anxious.She called her boyfriend, and the phone called and me, saying that something at home had to be delayed for a few days.

Two days later, Lu Ni accidentally encountered a fellow of her boyfriend. The villagers knew the relationship between Lu Ni and her boyfriend. He showed his desire to stop, and Lu Ni felt strange.After being separated from the fellow, Lu Ni thought more and more, and he felt wrong, and always felt that there was a problem.

After thinking about it again, Lu Ni bought a high -speed rail ticket and claimed to go to her boyfriend’s hometown.When she arrived at her boyfriend’s house, she was completely stunned. It turned out that her boyfriend was already married and the children were all one year old.When he returned to his hometown, he had a banquet for his children. It was not about going back to discuss marriage with his parents.

Lu Ni was surprised for a long time without saying a word. She touched her belly. I wonder what was it?Surprisingly as she is, there is another woman, that is, the original wife of her boyfriend.The woman who guarded her children and in -laws at home did not expect her husband who went out to work to betray marriage.

Lu Ni didn’t make a noise at her boyfriend’s house, and even didn’t even say a word, she turned and left.On the way back, she had been crying, and she did not expect that it would be like this.She finally understood why her boyfriend was unwilling to get married for all excuses.

After Lu Ni returned to the city she lived, she went directly to the hospital and made her child decisively.How much Lu Ni was reluctant to kill the child, but now she walked into the hospital without hesitation, and did not hesitate to kill the child.

After killing the child, Lu Ni deleted her boyfriend’s contact information. Since then, she has to completely forget her boyfriend.If she keeps her boyfriend’s contact information, she is afraid she can’t help but contact her boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to go further and further on the wrong road.

Two months later, her boyfriend found Lu Ni through his friends with Lu Ni.He thought Lu Ni still kept his child, because Lu Ni was unwilling to kill, and now he wants to get married with Lu Ni.Because in the past two months, his wife resolutely divorced him and took the child away.

But when her boyfriend saw Lu Ni, he found that Lu Ni had killed the child, changed his residence, and changed his job.The boyfriend did not expect that Xikou was so attached to him, so Lu Ni, who loved him, was like changing a person.

Lu Ni decisively rejected her boyfriend and said that she never wanted to see her boyfriend anymore, and her and her boyfriend had completely ended.The boyfriend originally enjoyed the blessing of Qi people. He had a wife at home and his girlfriend Lu Ni. He felt beautiful.

Now his wife and lover dumped him. One of the two children flowed off, one was taken away by his wife, and he suddenly felt nothing.He cried and begged Lu Ni to accept him again. He must marry Lu Ni immediately, but Lu Ni decisively refused.

In Lu Ni’s view, her boyfriend obviously had a wife and children in her family, but she deceived her that she was unmarried. This was the character of her boyfriend.She must not be happy with a man with a problem with a character, so she no longer wants to have something to do with this man.

When Lu Ni loved his boyfriend, he loved him.Her boyfriend’s economic conditions are not good, she is willing to rent in one room and one living room with her boyfriend.After pregnancy, she does not need a luxurious wedding, as long as a marriage certificate.She is not low, but because she loves her boyfriend deeply and does not want to put pressure on her boyfriend economy.

When she learned that her boyfriend had a family, she did not entangle her boyfriend at all, but decisively killed the child, and then ended the relationship.Lu Ni is a very rational girl. In her emotional issues, she does not drag water at all, but "long pain is worse than short pain", and quickly decided.

Assuming that Lu Ni couldn’t bear this relationship, he was still entangled with her boyfriend. What kind of ending would it be?In fact, the ending is obvious. She will be trapped in a pool of mud.

This man who has no sense of responsibility for marriage, he can betray his wife today, and he can also betray Lu Ni.Therefore, Lu Nisuo left him for a wise move, and he was stopping loss in time.

On this way, everyone may encounter setbacks and unsatisfactory people.But be sure to keep a calm mind, don’t be led by your nose, you must know how to stop the loss in time, and stay away from the garbage person.

When girls are looking for objects, they must find men with good character. This is the most important.Only on the basis of good character can other conditions be considered, and happiness can be obtained after marriage.If you meet a scumbag, the girl should stay away from him as soon as possible, do not entangle with him, and learn to stop loss in time.

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