When pregnant women encounter kidney stones, a beautiful encounter

Ling ~~ Ling ~, Kerry’s phone sounded, at first glance it was the phone number of the emergency department, and felt a trace, and quickly answered the phone: "Hey, hello", the emergency consultation, a pregnant woman, kidney stone painIt’s amazing, let’s take a look."Okay, this goes down" replied.

The emergency department is the busiest place in the hospital

There was nothing trivial for pregnant women. She rushed to the emergency department. No one was seen.For a while, "Oh, it hurts, I can’t stand it" echoed in the emergency hall, walked in front of it, and opened a group of parents, in -laws, and husbands who were around the patients.In front of my eyes is a "big belly girl" that looks pale, cold -sweat, messy hair, one -handed waist, one hand covering the belly, and curled up. From time to time, there is a nausea and vomiting.When I came over, the family members were like seeing the savior, and their eyes laished: Doctor, you show it to our girlfriend, the pain can’t stand it, this is a big belly.I nodded with a smile and replied, "Well, don’t worry, let me see." The result of the patient’s color Doppler ultrasound, the left kidney has a stones of about 5mm, mild kidney water, and the patient’s kidney in the kidney area is obvious.The diagnosis of kidney stones during pregnancy is correct.So what to do next?

The graphic is not consistent

I pulled the pregnant woman’s husband and parents aside and said: First of all, I have to tell you that she is a pregnant woman and has this kidney stones. Although this stones generally have no effect on the pregnancy itself, it may also be induced by the bad pain.Some of the abnormal contraction of the uterus, or leading to premature preference, I don’t know much about obstetrics. At that time, the doctors of obstetrics will tell you in detail.As for the treatment, there is nothing special. At present, the situation is analgesic and antispassemia.However, you also know that there is no medication for children’s safety during pregnancy, but there is no medication for children’s special circumstances, but there is no way for pregnant women to hurt. There is no need to take medicine. Then there is a small impact on this progesterone.

Can progesterone also has the effects of lifting spasm and tires, and is not used to take medicine with caution.

(Note: Luteone muscle injection to treat kidney stones during pregnancy, because the medicine can relax the smooth muscle of the ureter of the spasm, and at the same time, it also has the function of the smooth muscle of the diastolic uterine body. At the same timeThe doctor’s order is used with caution.)

The patient’s blood is not high, and antibiotics will not be used for the time being.(So some people have such questions. Can antibiotics be used during pregnancy? The answer is that if the disease needs, antibiotics can be used. Document studies have shown that the relatively safe antibiotics are cephalosporins.Drug medication, especially the doctor of obstetrics.)

Can’t write anymore, to be continued.

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