When pregnant mothers should pay attention to what should be done and what should not do, don’t ask for a doctor’s suspicion

I believe that a lot of first -bed women are confused about the production of childbirth?After all, after all, there is not much experience in itself. In addition to the fear of contractions, many mothers will do some inappropriate behaviors after the delivery room, and the doctors in the delivery room are also people, although they are in the delivery room in the delivery room, although they are in the delivery room, they are in the delivery room.I have seen too many pregnant women and witnessed the birth of too many children, but for some pregnant women, doctors do not like it.

The first is those pregnant women who conceal their medical history. Some doctors will have a lot of things for pregnant mothers when they are under construction. For example, have there been a history of birth, whether they have given birth to children, have no production, how many abortion times, etc.Wait, some pregnant belly do not want their family members to know on the spot.You know, these data are an important reference for doctors. It is about the treatment of the body in the future of pregnant women. The physical condition of the pregnant mother who has had a child or abortion is completely different from the first pregnant pregnant mother, so it is better not to lie to themselves.History of pregnancy.

There are also those pregnant mothers who shouted in the delivery room.Maybe everyone watched the production clips on TV a lot, and I felt that the pregnant mother should yell when it is produced. After all, physical pain is very serious, but in fact, for pregnant mothersNot only will the doctor’s attention, it will also make your physical strength consume a lot of energy, and there will be a state of disconnection in advance. It may also extend his own labor process, making it easier for your baby to be born.The most important thing is that shouting does not ease the pain in the pregnant mother.

There are also some pregnant mothers who like to hold their breath when they are producing. Generally, doctors help maternal scholars to guide the mother to breathe and exhaust their breath, but some mothers will feel that they will be better with a breath.Guidance, I do n’t know that the muscles of the whole body will be in a tight state, which may increase the contraction without saying. It may also cause the fetus in the stomach to hypoxia and endanger the health of the fetus.When giving birth, the pregnant mother must pay attention to the doctor’s guidance and cooperate with the doctor to the greatest extent, so that the fetus will give birth as soon as possible.

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