When my wife is pregnant, what should you do as a husband?See what experts say

Now many men do not realize what they should do during my wife’s pregnancy. Instead, they completely hand over the pregnancy of pregnant and give birth to their wives. They think they have nothing to do with themselves. They still do what they like.Taking advantage of his wife’s pregnancy, it became a "single man".

These behaviors of men are very unfair for their wife. It is definitely a big thing for women to know that pregnancy is definitely a big deal. Whether from the perspective of the body or psychology, the women at this time are very fragile.It is precisely because of this fragility that they need her husband to be around at this time. So what should my wife do during pregnancy?

1. Exchange

During pregnancy, psychological changes are very wonderful. If the control is not well controlled, psychological diseases are prone to occur.In order to better guidance, there is more communication at this time, so as a husband, you should communicate with your wife as much as possible.Even if you can’t accompany you, you should call more or send more information to understand the psychological changes and needs of his wife as much as possible, so that your wife can feel your concern for her.

Of course, maybe some men will feel that there are no shortage of people around their wives. Whether they are parents or relatives or girlfriends, they can talk to their wives. They are easy to quarrel with their wives.But knowing that the status of her husband and others in her mind is different, the role she plays is different, and what they can say will naturally be different.

Second, companionship

During my wife’s pregnancy, men should give their wives more companionship. Even if nothing says, she should be with her when her wife appears, otherwise she will have a sense of loneliness in her heart.After all, during pregnancy, women’s psychology is very fragile, especially in the late pregnancy, even pregnant women who cannot work. They are alone at home, and they will feel more lonely. At this timeaccompany.

Maybe a man says he needs to work. How can there be so much time to accompany her?So there are always time when you get off work!Or make a video of your wife when you work, ask for a good, care about it, these can alleviate the loneliness of his wife to a certain extent, let her know that you are worried about her, so that this can make her feel uncomfortableSome.

Three, tolerance

During pregnancy, women’s body and psychology will change a lot. It is precisely because of this change that it will become difficult to get along with her during this time.For example, women during pregnancy are very sensitive, always suspicious, or have a very irritable temper, etc. This makes it difficult to get along with her, and it is easy to make people angry. Then you should give her more as a husband at this time.More tolerance, otherwise the relationship between husband and wife is easily affected during this time.

Give his wife as more tolerance and understanding as much as possible, which will not only help her body and mental health, but also help the growth of the fetus in the abdomen.There may also be some men who feel that she has given her too much tolerance and is very aggrieved, but compared to the pain that his wife, and the health of your child in the future, what are you suffering?

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