When is fetal development, when is it easy to occur?Pregnant mothers know early, check early, baby is better

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Throughout pregnancy, the most worried about pregnant mothers is the health of the fetus. No one wants to expect that when the baby is coming, he leaves, and it is even more unacceptable than leaving halfway. After the baby is born, the baby is born.It was found that the body developed abnormal.

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This is not only a big blow to the family, but also the children will also suffer a lot in the process of growth. Therefore, if they can detect abnormal fetal development during pregnancy, it is particularly important.

Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus was not formed. It was in the stage of constant division and development: embryos:

At 6 weeks of pregnancy, their brain, respiratory system, and liver began to develop;

At the seven or eight weeks of pregnancy, the heart and the brain developed very complicated, and other organs also had obvious characteristics;

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, the facial features have become more and more obvious, and the limbs are gradually distinguished;

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, 90%of organs have developed;

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, the prototype of the body was basically completed, the spleen began to make hematopoietic, and the kidneys also produced urine. This means that they successfully changed from embryo to babies.

Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, the process of splitting the entire embryo is the most prone to develop abnormal development.

If there is a problem with which cells have problems during division and development, some organs of the child may not work normally.

Some time after 12 weeks of pregnancy, the organs of the fetus are also continuously improved. It is also important to conduct a overall examination after they develop and improve.

Then, it is necessary to monitor your baby’s development problems before 12 weeks and about 12 weeks.

▼ B -ultrasound of 7 weeks of pregnancy

At this time, you can judge the baby’s development position and fetal heart buds. If there is no external pregnancy or no fetal heart or fetal buds, it means that the baby is developing normally.

▼ The first birth checkup of 12 weeks of pregnancy

According to the doctor’s advice, pregnant mothers have a minimum of 13 pregnancy tests during pregnancy, and 12 weeks of pregnancy are the first time. There is one

It can determine whether the baby’s development is abnormal by checking the thickness of the fetal and neck transparent tissue.

▼ Tang’s screening at 16 weeks of pregnancy

This examination can determine whether the fetus is a Donald baby. If there is a high risk, it may need to be pierced by non -invasive DNA and amniotic fluid.

Donald Baby has congenital intellectual obstacles, and her appearance is dementic, and her physical fitness is also poor. I have a pain that cannot be cured for a lifetime. If there is such a child, it may be the pain of the entire family.very important.

▼ Four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy

When the baby reaches 20 weeks of pregnancy, the organs of the body are basically complete, and their own body shape and amniotic fluid amount are also convenient for doctors to check.

Doctors can intuitively see the baby’s heart development, blood flow, and the development of various external organs.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must not miss this important examination.

However, pregnancy tests are not universal.

Although there are many fetal development of fetal development during pregnancy, most of them stay on the surface.

If the baby’s hearing, vision, and intelligence have problems such as development, it is difficult for doctors to see them through these examinations. Only after the child is born, the parents judge whether the child’s physical development is really normal through their behavior.

★ Supplement folic acid

In the early days of pregnancy and early pregnancy, doctors recommend that pregnant mothers supplement folic acid, which has a very great effect on preventing the development of fetal nerve tube abnormalities.

★ Develop good living habits

Pregnant mothers do not stay up late, do not eat foods containing harmful substances, such as coffee, strong tea, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, pickled foods, cold foods, and cold foods. They are usually nutritious and useful for the healthy development of the fetus.

And for the health of the baby, the father must not smoke in front of the pregnant woman, and the probability of second -hand smoke to cause children to develop abnormalities is very high.

Sometimes, appropriate exercise during pregnancy ensures its health and health, and it can also promote the normal development of the baby.

★ Emotional stability

The low and tense emotions can lead to the endocrine abnormalities of the pregnant mother, which affects the health of the baby’s development. Therefore, it is very important to adjust their emotions and the pressure they encountered during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers are best to choose to prepare in their physical and mental, to have children when they are promoted, work, and family pressure. This not only promotes the baby’s development normally, but also provides better education after their birth.

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