When I was pregnant, when will I go to the hospital for examination?What do you check for the first check?

Women usually have some tension after they know that they are pregnant. At this time, expectant mothers do not know when they should go to the hospital for examination in the early pregnancy. What do they check after going to the hospital?

Therefore, there will be many expectant mothers to go late or early, so when will expectant mothers go to the hospital for examination?

When I found pregnancy, when will I go to the hospital for examination?

Generally, women can test the double bars with early pregnancy test paper in about 10 days of pregnancy, and then start to worry about whether to go to the hospital for examination.Women with a normal 28 -day menstrual cycle can come to the hospital at this time:

Blood testing progesterone and β-HCG

It is generally known that after pregnancy, you can go to the hospital for blood drawing to check the progesterone and β-HCg (human chorionic gonadotropin). Usually, check these two items to confirm whether you are pregnant.

After pregnancy, progesterone and β-HCG will increase significantly. At this time, it is usually called official confirmation of pregnancy.

Merchants and β-HCG value

Confirm in the palace and outside of the palace in 40 days

About 40 days of pregnancy, you can see the pregnancy sac under the B -ultrasound, that is, it is confirmed whether it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.If it is an intrauterine pregnancy, at this time, you can see a small gestational sac through B -ultrasound in the uterine cavity, and through three data, you can determine the shape of the gestational sac.

Speak a whisper, many expectant mothers want to judge men and women through the pregnancy sac. In fact, the shape of the gestational sac can not represent the gender of the fetus. This has been verified with me and me. It is a rumor.

Confirm fetal heart beating in 6 weeks, 7 weeks to confirm the fetal buds

According to this period of time, it is recommended to go to the hospital directly for B -ultrasound for 7 weeks. If you don’t see it, you don’t have to worry too much. Everyone’s menstrual cycle is different. How long does it take to go to the hospital for examination?The last day of the menstruation will be calculated, and how long the examination date is pregnant.

Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers start calculating from pregnancy, and go to the hospital to check the pregnancy sac at about 6 weeks.If you can’t see it, you will review the B -ultrasound again after 7 days.It may also be that the pregnancy sac can not be seen early, but it is important to note that there may not be a gestational sac in the palace in ectopic pregnancy.In addition, according to the time of seeing the gestational sac, the calculation plus two weeks, then look at the original heart tube beating.

11-13 week NT check

NT examination is a screening method of early fetal health or not. It is a way to determine whether the fetus is healthy by checking the thickness of the transparent layer of the fetal neck.

Under normal circumstances, in China, doctors believe that the transparent band of the back of the neck is greater than 3 mm.If the neck is thick, it does not mean that the baby must have a problem.There are also many normal babies.Although 2.9 mm is the upper limit of the normal range.

Breeding is the most beautiful trip. I hope that with the help of my little, expectant mothers can go through pregnancy and welcome our little angels.Opening the inspection of my baby in the past, the feeling of happiness and anxiety came into imagination again. I hope that every mother will have the cutest little baby!

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