When I was pregnant, she took care of the husband who took care of the "Yang", but after the infection, he did this

Some people say that during pregnancy, it is best to see whether the people around them are true or false.If the husband is considerate and the mother -in -law is warm, then the family is worth going to go together.Conversely, hurry up and escape.This is indeed the case. During the pregnancy, many women chose to leave because they saw the "true face" of the so -called family members.

A few days ago, another news about "Yang" refreshed people’s three views.A pregnant woman who was pregnant for six months in Henan was infected first a few days before the "Yang".In order to take care of her husband, she was upright with her pregnant belly, regardless of the risk of infection, and poured tea, and she was busy.Three days later, with her careful care, her husband quickly recovered.But she was infected with no accident.

Pregnancy infection is dangerous.But when she was lying on the bed, her recovered husband ignored it, and even went out with a friend to drink and went home in the middle of the night.The virus can not only measure "positive", but also measure humanity.The behavior of her husband made her pregnant cold, chilling, and her home was scattered.

My friend Xiaoyun’s experience is also very similar to the story online.

Xiaoyun is also pregnant with a big belly, and she is busy taking care of the "Yang" husband every day.She never avoided anything, and slept with her husband at night to facilitate care.In those days, she sometimes called me and said proudly that she was pregnant and infected with her husband.

However, reality "slap".Her husband is fine, she is "yang".Husband who recovered, went to get off work every day, went home to play games, trapped sleep, and did not take her pregnant person with infection at all.When he was hungry, he even urged her to get up to cook.

In the face of questioning, the husband said, "I have passed, there is nothing, as long as I don’t have a high fever, I can do it."

This is the husband’s attitude towards pregnancy.When she called me, she cried.She said it was chilling and wanted to divorce.

Yeah, this kind of thing will not be uncomfortable.People who are pregnant are fragile in their bodies and psychology, and they are so indifferent by the most dear people around them.The virus brings seriously, but it is just a high fever of forty degrees.But human nature is like a gust of wind, very evil, and cold.

Do you say that Xiaoyun, who has been pregnant for five months, should you divorce?

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