When I was pregnant as soon as I joined the job, the boss’s approach made her stunned, and did you play like this?

Zhang Meiyan married her boyfriend who had been in love for 6 years as soon as she graduated. After her honeymoon, Zhang Mei decided to find a job.The boss fancy.The surname of the boss is also a very capable female strong woman. She saw Zhang Mei’s conditions and asked Zhang Mei to do the general manager secretary.The trial period is one month.

Soon a month later, Zhang Mei’s performance was also very good, she was very capable and very eye -catching. The deep appreciation of Xiao Xiao approved the employment procedure for Zhang Mei.It is estimated that it should exceed 10,000 yuan per month.

I did not expect that the accident happened at this time. The little couple who had no intention of the child had found that the accident was pregnant. Because Zhang Mei was 25 years old, it was considered an older pregnant woman.Essence

Husband means that national laws are stipulated that pregnant women can take paid vacations. After giving birth to children, they can continue to work, but Zhang Mei feels that this is not good. Mr. Xiao’s company is not large, and the current operating conditions are not good.If you have a paid vacation, you will bring a lot of burden and pressure to the company yourself, and you are embarrassed by asking for a paid vacation.

However, the husband who studies the law does not agree with Zhang Mei’s thoughts. The state has clear legal support for pregnancy and paid vacation. The company will not dare to violate the law. Even if the company is a bit difficult, it is not a state of not being able to carry it.Finally, Zhang Mei obeyed her husband’s suggestion.

When Mr. Xiao saw Zhang Mei’s pregnancy and paid vacation application, he was a little bit embarrassed. He became pregnant in less than two months after he joined the job. He also had a paid vacation.Touch porcelain.However, Xiao Xiao, the law of pregnant women with paid leave, is always very clear, and Mr. Xiao also knows that Zhang Mei’s husband is studying the law. Since the application has been handed over, it must be considered.

It is not beneficial to say that President Xiao had to sign on the application.After Zhang Mei left, President Xiao Yue felt uncomfortable. The company had already fallen into trouble. Zhang Mei took a salary vacation. Her job had to find someone to do it. The losses inside and outside were heavy.But people are reasonable and legal, and they have no way to disagree.

Zhang Meixin returned home with satisfaction and told her husband and boss to agree to take a paid vacation. Both of them were very happy to raise their fetus with peace of mind., Let Zhang Meimu stunned.

The notice said that because the company’s poor operation continued to lose money, it was difficult to sustain, and it was announced that it had closed down.Although Zhang Mei knew that the company’s condition was really not good, she would not go down all of a sudden. I originally thought that paid vacation could be so beautiful. This time, it was so unwilling to sigh.I recognized my mold.

After more than a month, Zhang Mei suddenly saw a photo of the previous company’s colleagues in the circle of friends. After asking, I knew that the company was operating normally again.After asking, it was understood that the original Mr. Xiao canceled the original company and re -opened a company, and nothing else had changed.

This time, Zhang Mei was so angry that Zhang Mei found the company to ask President Xiao. Mr. Xiao explained that the company did closed down. This was a new company invested.But everyone understands that this company just changed the name and changed nothing. It seemed to do so to clear her out of the legal liability for clearing her.

So Zhang Mei went to consult the legal department, but the court said that you have to have a legal subject if you want to prosecute. You prosecuted the new company, but you have no labor contract with the new company.There is no legal subject.

In this way, Zhang Mei’s couples are gone at all. This is too ruthless to do things. In order not to bear the burden of Zhang Mei’s pregnancy and paid vacation, this trick was played.Essence

Zhang Mei, who was anxious and corrupted, said in the media, severely condemned the company’s immoral behavior, and shouted uncomfortable. He thought that everyone should severely condemn Zhang Mei, who was strictly condemned Xiao Xiao’s boss.After seeing this, netizens even supported the company’s approach to support the company. They felt that the company was also forced. When she was pregnant, she had to pay a salary vacation when she was pregnant. Which small company could bear it.

Some netizens even severely condemned Zhang Mei, saying that Mr. Xiao was not thin, and he resigned unconsciously when you were pregnant. You thought you were going to the top 500 in the world. You resigned yourself. Everyone is good -looking.In the case, Xiao Xiao will not treat you.

Speaking of this incident, Zhang Mei asked for a paid vacation because of pregnancy. From a legal perspective, there was no problem.In order to get rid of this overwhelming burden, the company canceled the company, and the law could not be controlled, and there was no problem.So who should condemn in this incident is really a benevolent see the wisdom.

In fact, small companies and migrant workers are the parts struggling at the bottom of the society. Especially the current economic environment is very bad, the company’s survival is difficult, and it is really difficult to afford to afford these costs.Logging out the company, it is helplessly to start from drumming.

For Zhang Mei, women’s pregnancy and paid vacation are legitimate rights and interests. This requirement is to safeguard their due benefit, and the law must be supported.The problem is that many people feel a bit unsatisfactory for such small companies to bear such a heavy burden.

Pregnant and paid vacation is the law and regulations issued by the state to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women.The micro -enterprise industry is not easy to survive. How to afford these is really difficult to survive.

At present, the state is also encouraging and calling for more children. This problem is also a practical and urgent problem in family and society. I hope that the state can introduce some benefits to solve the dilemma of small and micro enterprises on this problem.For a certain amount of life security for women’s births, only so can women who can want to be born with age, improve the problem of population structure, while ensuring that there is a certain living space for social and economic life, and create a good business atmosphere.

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