When I was a kid, I always heard that the flow of people would be infertility. When I grew up, I realized that it was true.

When I was young, I always heard people say that if I grow up when I grow up, my mother always uses this sentence to teach me. Then I do n’t know what the flow of people means.Knowing is curious, in the end, there is no doubt that he has chosen medical majors.

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After I came into contact with the medicine, I learned that the flow of people would really lead to infertility, because the flow of people is the so -called curettage, and the endometrium will become very thin. Secondly, the endometrium encounters damage, which will cause adhesion.Easy to stop and natural processes, if the endometrium is thinner, it will also cause natural miscarriage.

Some research surveys have shown that women who accept flow of people account for 50縛 25 years old, 65%are not married, and 54.3%are unexpected pregnancy caused by contraception.There will be a second time.There are also many young women who have received abortion when they go to school. For this part of the population, the care of the abortion is easy to be ignored.It also needs to take medicine to avoid infection.

1. After the flow of people, we must follow the doctor’s advice and use anti -inflammatory drugs to avoid infection.

2. Take a break after surgery for more than half a month. Do not perform too intense exercise in this half month, and do not have sex. At this time, sexual life is worse, which will increase the chance of uterine cavity infection.Within a month, the results of the menstruation were pregnant again, and the second operation was performed. This would cause adhesion of the uterine cavity, even affecting menstruation or leading to after all.In addition, some people do not want to be discovered by parents and teachers. For physical education, this kind of situation that does not pay attention to postoperative treatment can easily cause secondary damage to the body, which greatly affects future fertility.

3. It is also very hot in summer. After the abortion, do not swim and play with water, do not take a cold bath. At the same time, do not take a bath. You can take a shower. At this time, women are still in a relatively weak state.The probability.

Here we tell you that try not to choose the flow of people. After all, it will really cause damage to the body, and it will also affect pregnancy. It is important to take contraceptive measures. If the menstruation is less after flow, or the menstruation does not come, you must check it in time.

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