When his wife is pregnant, she wants to eat 40 yuan a pound of strawberries. The husband’s move is too real …

I received a message from a man in the background two days ago:

My wife is pregnant and wants to eat strawberries.

It costs 40 yuan a pound.

This reminds me of a story that I have seen on Zhihu:

I briefly stir the story:

A woman was pregnant and especially wanted to eat cherry. At that time, it was about 70 yuan a pound.

The family is not wealthy, but it can still afford it, but her husband just doesn’t buy it.

She could only wait for the price cut, and she bought some of the less fresh relief.

When I was confinement, she once wanted to eat it again, so that her husband bought it, but her husband still didn’t buy it.

Later, she divorced.

When I saw this story, I was particularly distressed by this woman.

In marriage, women often pay more people to the family, but they don’t want much.

If my husband is considerate, a small gift that will go home at hand can make them happy for a long time.

But if this is sweet, her husband is very embarrassed.

After that time, the enthusiasm of women and husband and wife’s feelings will definitely be greatly reduced.

What does a woman care about in marriage?

When watching "Happy Trio", the deepest impression was the couple of Chen Jianbin and Jiang Qinqin.

In the show, Jiang Qinqin had a big belly every day with a second child.

And Chen Jianbin, either drinking tea or sleeping, can never sit down.

Netizens all talked: "He sleeps more than his wife!"

When he went out to buy vegetables, he put his pockets in one hand, leisurely and leisurely, and he opened his wife alone.

Cooking and cooking, he would not help him to command.

Jiang Qinqin made himself in his own anger, but he was embarrassed again.

A "four -body" husband who is not diligent "on the spread, netizens can’t stand it anymore, and they persuade them.

But Jiang Qinqin said that he was very happy, because Chen Jianbin would support his family and hurt people.

Indeed, Chen Jianbin would write poems to his wife.

Will quietly stuff their own poems in my wife’s suitcase.

She will also leave a message to her wife and encourage her to be herself.

He is a straight steel man, but never ignores his wife’s emotions.

He said that Jiang Qinqin was angry and never told him directly that this exercised his insight.

It can be seen that Jiang Qinqin’s emotions and needs, Chen Jianbin was observed and satisfied with heart.

The couple who were not optimistic also stumbled to the present.

Some people say that Jiang Qinqin is too hard in this marriage.

But it was the sweetness that her husband would swallow these bitterness is exactly the sweetness that her husband gave her.

Chen Jianbin understands Jiang Qinqin, and he gives exactly what she wants.

Isn’t happiness for most women?

Don’t be vigorous, don’t ask for a lot of money, as long as you can see the intention.

When I am tired, she can coax her, what she said can be kept heart, what she wants to eat can be bought …

These simple and subtle care are often women’s greatest desire for happy marriage.

No woman

It is because a small thing divorces

Remember Liu Mintao?

For her family, she gave up the acting career in the rising period, and the full -time housewife did 7 years.

In the end, she chose to divorce, just because her husband did not buy her ice cream.

Some people may say: Isn’t it just a ice cream, for it?

In this case, I believe many women seem to have known each other.

Isn’t it a bouquet of flowers? As for it?

Isn’t it just a meal? As for it?

Isn’t it just a movie? As for it?

But many men don’t know that those who crush their marriage are often these small things that look irrelevant.

One of my sisters, just divorced last year.

She talked to me what she made her determined to divorce.

Speaking, it is also a trivial matter.

On one occasion, the sister came back from get off work and was very tired. She really didn’t want to cook, so she called the child a takeaway.

After her husband came home and saw it, he ended up for an hour, and even said that she was lazy and was not worthy of being a mother.

Similar things often happen in her life.

When eating, she pinched a few more chopsticks and sons who loved the dishes, and her husband reminded her: "Don’t grab your son!"

When I go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, she especially wants to eat steamed fish, but her husband just does not allow you to buy. He also said, "No one in the family loves fish, do you eat it yourself? Don’t waste it if you can’t finish it!"

The family travels abroad and picks gifts to her mother -in -law. She wants to buy clothes for her mother. Her husband frowned: "Next time, I can’t keep up with the plane."

Sister Sister said, "I have paid so much for this family, but in his eyes, I am a person who doesn’t even eat a steamed fish!"

What are the most terrible marriage in marriage?

I want me to say that it is not derailment, not a quarrel, but a indifference and ignorance of "knowing you want, but not giving you".

He always pretended not to see your needs; his emotions always deliberately not responded.

You are about to collapse, he also said you are arrogant and ask you, "As for it?"

Psychologically speaking, there is no response, which is a desperate situation.

No woman divorced because of a trivial matter.

She must have experienced countless similar things, and accumulated enough disappointment before she decided to leave.

What is it to keep a marriage happy?

In fact, most of the time, women are very satisfied.

It doesn’t matter if you are tired, no one helps, and you can carry it by biting your teeth.

As long as your husband can see your hard work, you can know cold and hot, it is enough.

I saw someone asking: What did my husband do what moved you?

Netizen@网 网 网 网 said:

To get the first vaccine, my husband goes out early. I was afraid that I forgot to bring a ticket and didn’t want to wake me up, so I pressed it under the glasses I needed every morning.

Netizen@网 :said:

Last night, I accidentally said that I wanted to eat sugar gourds. As a result, my husband bought two skewers and returned to me at noon, and then rushed back to work.

Netizen@网 网 网:

In the first Mother’s Day in life, my husband gave me a bouquet of flowers and a small card.

Netizen@小 D said:

My husband was going to sleep next door at noon, but he still didn’t forget to help me turn on the air conditioner and pull the curtains.

Netizen@网 网 网 said:

Lying on the bed to watch a variety show, she was laughing like a fool. My husband came in and helped me turn on the lights, saying that I was afraid that I would blindly look at my eyes.

Indeed, this is a trivial matter that is not worth mentioning.

But this small thing is like a candy, nourishing every woman who is carrying a heavy weight in marriage.

Moderator Tu Lei said:

What do women care about?

Women care about the feeling of being cared.It is not to buy her a expensive bag, but to care about her, this is the real care.

What is the key to the continuous happiness of a marriage?

You can see each other.

Seeing the emotions of the other party, feeling the feelings of the other party, and turning care and love into a bit of bitch in life.

Marriage is difficult and life is not easy.

Only by guarding each other and rushing together can we live well and love each other for a long time.

May more women be taken care of and loved in marriage!

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