When confinement in the hot summer, how can pregnant mothers easily deal with puerperic heat stroke?

The weather becomes hotter and hotter

I feel about heat stroke outdoors

Not to mention the postpartum mother who is confinement

Postpartum new mother

Since the body has not returned to the state before pregnancy

Various skills of the body are relatively weak

Coupled with high summer temperature and humid air

It is easy to cause heat stroke

Therefore, Baoma must pay attention to prevent heat stroke during puzzles

1. Is the heat stroke during puerperium harmful?

Mild puerperic heat stroke can cause the heart rate to accelerate, shortness of breath, and the body temperature is easy to reach more than 38 degrees.

At this time, I usually feel thirsty, chest tightness, and long sister -in -law, which makes people uncomfortable and affects the mood.

Severe puerperic heat stroke will increase body temperature to 40 degrees of high temperature, or even high temperatures will not decrease. This is also one aspect of a relatively high dangers of puerperic heat stroke. If it is not treated in time, it will endanger the life of the mother.

Therefore, remember to take measures as soon as possible!

Second, the factors of heat stroke during puzzle

1. External temperature> 35 ° C and relative humidity> 70%, the body is affected by the evaporation of sweat from sweat.

2. Poor living conditions, poor ventilation in the room and no cooling equipment.

3. During the childbirth, the physical strength consumption is large and the blood loss will be weak. The postpartum is weak.

4. Patriotic infection patients are more likely to heat up of heat stroke when fever.

3. What should I do if I have heat stroke during puerperium?

1. When you find that there is a heat stroke spear head, you must take time off the excess clothes on the mother, and supplement the warm water properly;

Open the window to circulate the air. You can use towels or ice packs to perform emergency cooling treatment to the maternal forehead, underarms and other parts;

2. You can lie on the bed in a semi -sitting position. This can be discharged as much as possible in the body in the body, and the cleaning and air circulation in the room should be appropriate.

3. After the above treatment, it is still found that the condition is not controlled. At this time, if you have to observe, if the mother has some circulatory system failure, you must hurry up to the hospital for treatment.

Fourth, how to prevent heat stroke during puzzle

To prevent puzzle and heat stroke, you need to break the dilapidated custom habits. The mother’s bedroom must maintain good ventilation and try to wear some loose and breathable clothing.

Of course, we recommend ventilation but it is not recommended to use air conditioners or electric fans directly to the maternal blowing, which is also easy to cause other problems.

Secondly, when you have just given birth to a child, you ca n’t eat big supplement or greasy things. It is best to choose some lighter liquid foods, pay attention to the balance of nutrition, eat more vegetables and fruits with more water, and keep the body sufficient water.

Finally, maintain good personal hygiene, proper bath or when there are many skin excretion, you can choose to wipe with warm water and change clothes to prevent puerperium heat stroke.

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