When can we scrape and cupping?What are the precautions?Who is not suitable?

Those who love health may all know health methods such as cupping, scraping, and massage, and even they often do it.Scraping and cupping are a method of health care in Chinese medicine. Especially many women are keen to scrape and cupping. Since they are loved by many people, it also shows that it has the effect of health.But blindly following the trend may not be a good thing. Under what circumstances can be scraped?Who is not suitable for scraping or cupping, and time control, you may not be very clear, let’s find out today.

When can we scrape and cupping?

Generally speaking, when the humidity, coldness or blood stasis in the body can be appropriately improved by scraping or cupping.

Some people say that scraping is actually considered to cause blood vessel damage. In fact, scraping is to clearly clear the blood in the body and promote blood circulation and circulation. After the whole body cycleEssenceScraping is not just scraping. Scraping needs to follow the meridians. It is best to scrape from top to bottom and from the inside of the body to both sides. The strength must be moderate.Okay, that’s so easy to hurt the body.

Cupping is a process that uses the pressure of the cupping device to cause the body to discharge some toxins and abandoned in the body by squeezing.Generally speaking, when the shoulder is painful, after scraping it is scraped, sometimes it will quickly get out, but sometimes it does not produce a little bit, and the shoulder still hurts.It is difficult to be discharged. At this time, you can use the cupping method, and it may be relatively fast.Cupping is not the deeper, the better, the better, the reddish red.

Precautions for scraping and cupping

When you are too full or too hungry, you are not suitable for scraping or cupping. When your body is very tired, try not to scrape it immediately; because your personal constitution is different, if you scrape it, it is pale and nauseous.; Within at least 3 hours after scraping and cupping, it is not recommended to eat cold things or blowing empty sky electric fans; the time of scraping cupping must also be controlled, it is best to keep it in 15 minutes.

Although the two health methods of cupping and scraping can promote blood circulation and circulation, accelerate the speed of metabolism, are beneficial to the body, but it is not suitable for everyone., Perhaps it will hurt the body.The following types of people are suitable for scraping and cupping, maybe to see if there is you?

Who is not suitable for scraping and cupping?

People who are susceptible to skin allergies or have not been cured by the skin: Whether it is scraping or cupping, they will directly contact our skin. These two methods may be damaged to the skin, allergic or aggravated, scraping the situation of the hand, scraping the situation of the hand, scraping scraping, scrapingOr it is necessary to control the heat when cupping. Once the intensity is too heavy, there will even be burns and blisters. This is undoubtedly worse for people with damage or ulcers of the skin.

Women during menstruation: During menstruation, the body’s coagulation is much weaker than usual. At this time, it is not suitable for scraping. Although scraping cupping can promote blood circulation, if cupping during menstruation, it may affect the normal menstruation normal period of menstruation.The body may be weaker and cause dysmenorrhea.In addition, pregnant women are not suitable for scraping. For the sake of themselves and the fetus in the abdomen, it is best not to scrape or cupping.

Summary: The wet and cold air in the body and blood stasis can be properly scraped and cupping, but people like skin allergies or damaged people and women are not suitable for cupping in special periods.Corruption is good for health, but if you do n’t know the precautions, or you will hurt your body. The above -mentioned precautions also hope that everyone will know.

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