When a woman is pregnant, she becomes a vegetative

Xiu Xiu is a third -year student of a vocational technical school in Linfen, Shanxi, a young and beautiful girl.

Xiu Xiu’s mother, who was far away in her hometown afternoon, received a call that did not know, and the other party informed that Xiu Xiu was in the hospital.

At that time, Xiu Xiu’s mother was at a loss, and her child was going to school well, so she went to the hospital.

When Xiu Xiu’s parents rushed to the hospital, they saw that her daughter was in the intensive care unit.

At that time, they saw Xiu Xiu’s face, black and green all over their bodies, and their eyes were gray, and they were unconscious.

The trachea was cut and could only rely on the ventilator to maintain life, and the doctor also issued many notice of illness.

The doctor told them that Xiu Xiu was a kind of ischemic and hypoxic encephalopathy caused by breathing inhibitory.

Just when they couldn’t figure it out, a strange woman appeared.He claims to be the head of a private clinic.

Fan Mou said that Xiu Xiu had an unexpected pregnancy for more than 80 days. Her boyfriend took her to the clinic for abortion surgery.

Xiu Xiu’s mother was shocked when she heard the news and couldn’t believe it.I don’t know when my daughter had a boyfriend.

Later, he also confirmed from a few students in Xiuxiu that there was indeed a boyfriend named Xiao Mao.

The two people in love were already public in school, and only Xiu Xiu’s parents were still in the drums.

At this time, they remembered that a boy often turned around in the daughter’s ward. It turned out that this person was Xiao Mao.

Xiao Mao once told Xiu Xiu’s parents that he would accompany her no matter what Xiuxiu became.

At this point, they can only accept it. In the future, they will expect Xiao Mao to take care of Xiu Xiu and blame him without too much.

On the afternoon of March 19, 2010, he accompanied Xiu Xiu to this clinic, and the cost of B -ultrasound was 20 yuan.

The doctor of the clinic said that it has been 80 days during pregnancy. Because the fetus is too large, they need to take three boxes of medicine, and the 22nd is performed by painless abortion surgery.

On the 22nd, the two came to the clinic, and there was a box of medicines left. The doctor of the clinic explained how to take the remaining medicine and asked them to go to the next room.

After walking in the morning, I did not fall, until about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it fell.

The doctor glanced at it, because there were residues in the Xiu Xiu uterus, and the clear palace was needed, so they told them to perform painless abortion surgery at 4 o’clock.

It was indeed two doctors. The two doctors later confirmed that they were indeed a doctor at the First People’s Hospital.

One is Liu, a anesthesiologist Liu, and the other is a gynecologist Dong.

They knew that the clinic was humble, and they still gave Xiu Xiu anesthesia and performed surgery.Finally, it leads to excessive poisoning of Xiuxiu Anesthesia.

After the incident, the two doctors had stopped working and waited for treatment.

Painless abortion surgery in regular hospitals not only strictly requires anesthesia dosage, but also uses the monitor to monitor the heart throughout the process according to the physical differences of each patient.

Once the patient has any emergencies, rescue can be performed in time.

However, half an hour after the surgery on the 22nd, he still did not wake up.There is no way to rescue the humble clinic, and when it is sent to a regular hospital, the best rescue time has been missed.

After 4 months of long treatment, Xiu Xiu once again had an operation of removing hydrocephalus.

After the operation, the whole family saw a hint of hope that Xiu Xiu’s eyes could move or make a sound.

When choosing a medical institution, it is often attracted to some factors such as price, convenience and speed.Some irregular small clinics will be selected for examination and diagnosis.

If you do this, you often bring a lot of risks and consequences.Because the medical equipment of the small clinic cannot get along with the regular hospital, the medical level is also very limited.

Choose an unconventional clinic, once an accident occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable.Therefore, in order to be responsible for your health and life safety, you still choose a regular hospital.

As a doctor, don’t ignore the patient’s physical condition for benefits.This is not responsible for patients and is also an immoral behavior.

Patient’s health should be put first, do not damage the patient’s physical health due to the pursuit of economic interests, and allow each patient to get the best treatment and care.

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