When a woman is pregnant, men are the easiest to feel lonely?

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A few days ago, my computer was broken and I went to work. He went to work, and I used his computer to see where the clothes I bought online.Wangwang saves the password. The two of us use the same account. As a result, we went on to find that the account was not used. The curiosity drove to the purchase record.He is him, and the delivery address is his company. The things they buy are all women’s underwear and ladies’ clothes. I haven’t even seen these clothes.

I also want to comfort myself that he bought it for colleagues and friends, but which female colleagues will let the opposite sex buy underwear, and the consignee is not known, but his colleagues and friends, most of them know, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this one.The woman’s name has never been heard.

As soon as he got home from work, I pulled him to the computer and asked him to see. He acknowledged that I couldn’t get the mistake when I was pregnant.Talking, Xiao San didn’t know that he had a wife who was pregnant at home, and a glass of water splashed on his face on the spot.

If I have no pregnancy, I will leave without saying a word, but I have been pregnant for more than 5 months now. These days he has continuously admitted his mistakes, swear, and guarantee that he will not derail again in the future.

I don’t believe that he can change it. When he was married, he was not the vowing of the oaths of the mountain alliance.But I think the derailed man is like the RMB falls in the toilet. It is a pity that it is a pity to pick up it.

I want to give birth to my child. After the divorce, the child belongs to me. I only take my own property, and I do n’t want anything else.But I am worried that my child cannot grow up healthily in a single -parent family. Teachers talk about whether this marriage should leave?

I really don’t know what to do. I planned to forgive him, for the sake of children!However, he returned at more than three o’clock last night. The sensitive I obviously seemed to smell the taste of others. He just didn’t admit it, saying that he was talking about things with friends. What should I do?

Xiao Pan Studio Reply

As we all know, men are animals for the lower body. At any time, this nature will not change.However, men will reduce their needs with age.The most terrible thing in marriage is the occurrence of betrayal, because infidelity behaviors will directly destroy intimate relationships.

The foundation of intimacy is trust. If trust collapses, marriage reconstruction must start with trust reconstruction.In the past, we learned that your husband belongs to derailment during your pregnancy.

From the perspective of physiology, men and women are inequality, because only women can get pregnant.There are many high -pressure incidents in life, the highest widow is 90.Pregnancy is 50.There are many other: marriage, divorce, promotion, reduction, unemployment, etc., are at the forefront. Facing high -pressure incidents, if they can hold and spend well, people’s self -confidence will increase significantly; on the contraryYou don’t have a good way to pass this hurdle, and the blow may be fatal.

Therefore, pregnancy and derailment are superimposed by two high -pressure events at the same time, and women are weak from a physiological perspective.However, it is a misleading to ask men not to associate excessive derailment and pregnancy.If it is a man, he must know that "physiological needs" does not need derailment at all.You can also solve it yourself.Without self -control, he said that he did not have self -control, and he said that he was unsatisfactory, and did not pull with pregnancy.

At this time, there are women readers who want to ask: Why are men so easy to spend, so easy to derail?Why do good men have deteriorated?

The so -called good man’s bad, that is, the emotions they accumulated are enough to betray the past.

This process changes according to the height of each person’s betrayal threshold, accumulating the speed of emotions, and the as much as the negative experience.Some people have deteriorated at the age of sixteen. Some people have deteriorated at the age of twenty.

With the increase of age, people become more and more realistic, and more considering their own interests is an objective fact that there is no doubt.Most people think that they are good at themselves.

In fact, most of the good boys, good girls, they are good, they are only loyal to princes and princesses.When they discovered that princes and princesses were not when they could get finger.Faced with mediocre love at the bottom of society, they became bad.

We all live in reality, and we are changing at all times.Most of the so -called "good men, good women" are essentially too young and have unrealistic hallucinations and expectations for love.

Over time, people know more about society. In the past, those unrealistic and good were back to reality.People will become more and more realistic, more and more "bad".

The cost of loyalty is very high, and the cost of betrayal is too low. Most people’s so -called love is far less enough to resist the trivial life, not enough to resist the temptation of mediocrity.So extramarital affairs happened.Of course, objectively speaking, women can easily become noise and depression during pregnancy, and will vent their dissatisfaction to men.At this time, men are the most difficult and lonely, so they are derailed.I said before the text that the derailment of a man is not directly related to women’s pregnancy, but men want to escape marriage, but women are pregnant.

Because women are in pregnancy, many times will make the family full of boring and tired atmosphere.The man was lonely, so he wanted to escape.

The word marriage is divided into two extremes on the Internet. One is extreme and comfortable; the other is all kinds of dislikes, all kinds of boring, and all kinds of irritability.Back to real life, the word marriage has become a stumbling block that affects the friendship between brothers and friends, becoming a hotel in some people, and becoming stable in the eyes of some people.

In general, these trivial things have formed our real marriage in these trivial things. It is so boring, so tedious, but so that we have to return to a place.Some people are always asking why derailment is so common, and infidelity in marriage is so common.

Because people are the most difficult to control their feelings, you never know how many right people you will meet in this life. At each stage, who meets and whom is exciting, heaven.

If you build your marriage on love, your feelings go away, you will change, you must stick to it, it is really anti -human.So there is derailment and deception.The derailment part is actually the worst is not him/she sleeps with, but that the closest person around you has betrayed you, you can no longer trust him, life is long, and you become a person.

What if you change your understanding of the meaning of marriage?Love is not in marriage, but is permitted from marriage.Marriage is a partner looking for life.Partners trust each other, do not leave each other, and do their sense of reason and friendship, and complete the tasks of life; while the love outside the wedding is freely chased.Maybe this is the true meaning of marriage.

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