When "hypothyroidism" patients are pregnant, how can they strive to be safe?

The abbreviation of thyroid dysfunction, referred to as "hypothyroidism", is a syndrome of systematic metabolic reduction due to reduced or reduced organizational effects due to thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion.Performant thyroiditis, thyroid surgery, hyperthyroidism iodine 131 treatment.

The thyroid hormone is important for the development of the fetal nervous system. It should be valued for the safety of maternal and infants during pregnancy.

We use several small problems to solve the doubts in the patient’s heart:

01/ What are the risks of "hypothyroidism" patients in the "hypothyroidism" patient during pregnancy?

Answer: Clinical hypothyroidism that has not been treated or treated without treatment during pregnancy has adverse effects on the mother and fetus, including miscarriage, premature birth, pioneer eclampsia, pregnancy hypertension, postpartum bleeding, low weight, dead tires, fetal intelligence and movement.Damage must be treated.

02/"hypothyroidism" patients should be prepared for pregnancy?

Answer: Check nail skills, adjust the dose of L-T4 (left norexorine sodium), so that TSH can be used in a normal range, preferably to re-pregnancy within 2.5miU/L.

03/ "hypothyroidism" patients discover what should be done in pregnancy?

Answer: Immediate monitoring of A Gong, go to the doctor to consult, adjust the dose of L-T4, and strive to reach 2.5miU/L. TSH.

04/ "hypothyroidism" patients at different stages of pregnancy?

Answer: Early pregnancy: TSH 0.1-2.5miu/L, second trimester: TSH 0.2-3.0miu/L; third trimester: TSH 0.3-3.0miu/L; and serum FT4 is in the normal range of pregnancy.

05/ "hypothyroidism" how to regularly monitor the treatment of patients with pregnancy?

Answer: In the early stages of L-T4 treatment, especially when FT4 did not meet the standard, it is recommended to review TSH and FT4 in half a month. After the standards of Angership meet the standards, the first half of the pregnancy is once every 4 weeks. If the TSH is stable to 6 weeks.

06/ "hypothyroidism" how to adjust the L-T4 dose after giving birth to patients with pregnancy?

Answer: The L-T4 dosage of the L-T4 dose is recovered to the level before pregnancy, and the thoroughness is checked at 4-6 weeks.

I wish the "hypothyroidism" patients a safe during pregnancy, mother and child are safe!


The 2017 Edition of the Chinese Medical Association Endocrinology Branch "Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of adult thyroid dysfunction"

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