What’s the matter with lower abdomen pain in the early stages of pregnancy?

Mother Baoma in the early stages of pregnancy will have a slight and durable pain. It is a normal response. The cause of the cause is that after the combination of sperm and eggs in the early stages of pregnancy, I entered the uterine root and germinated.Feeling a burst of tingling, of course, with the continuous development of the embryo, it will slowly squeeze the uterine two, and it will also form a "involved pain".

The first case does not last long and slightly painful

In the early days of pregnancy, Mother Baomu will have some slight, not -durable pains such as "bed pain", "involving pain". These pains are more keen in the nervous system in the mother’s mother.The emotion of resistance, and a rejection of the formation, generally the time period and duration of rejection are not long, similar to menstruation, it starts to return to normal in 2-3 days.The situation of Bao’s mother can use water and heat, and can quickly relieve the symptoms.

The second case durates for a long time, and the frequency is more

The abdominal pain in Bao’s abdomen is long, and the frequency of frequency is generally caused by the pain caused by the mother’s contractions. The contraction from the moment the mother of Bao’s pregnancy is already there.HCG’s hormone is inhibiting the contraction response, and the intensive contraction will strongly lead to serious dangers such as abortion or premature birth, tire stopping, and other serious harm.It is mainly caused by the abnormal hormone of Baomu’s mother. If progesterone is lacking, it will take or inject progesterone orally. If HCG is lacking, it needs to inject amino acids.The situation is preserved.

Generally speaking, Mother Bao needs to pay close attention to her situation, and take effective care in time.

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