What you know after you are pregnant

What you know after you are pregnant

Never take the words of your elders too seriously, calmly keep your own opinion -especially about health and whether you need to go to the hospital!IntersectionIntersectionThe world goes rapidly every day in the ever -changing. Too much life experience accumulated in the era of their growth. Compared with the current speed of development, it is unbearable!And they were quickly left behind by the times, and they were completely unaware of the possible consequences of their own words and deeds, or they were completely responsible for the results.Only ourselves!IntersectionIntersectionBuying a difficult manner not only means hard to carry the hardships that are experiencing, but also difficult to get yourself out of the haze and prepare to experience the future of the future.Appearing your elders, because they are as stubborn as they are stubborn, regardless of their physical or spiritual, they are unbearable.Blame yourself too stupid, stupid, too stupid!Sober, middle age!

Calm down, update the following specific experiences, and hope to quote:

If the constitution and environment before pregnancy is not very good (line: right and wrong), "very good" refers to strictly satisfying each of the following:

1. Have the habit of regular exercise

2. Law of schedule, no habit of staying up late

3. Diet health law

4. Usually comfortable body, not easy to catch a cold, have no thyroid problems, all gynecological problems, uneven heart rate, various acute and chronic inflammation, etc.

5. Life is happy and happy, optimistic, love, don’t complain

6. Usually work pressure is moderate, the working environment is humanized, unwillingness, no anxiety, no overtime

7. There is no environmental pollution and noise pollution in life and work

If you do not fully satisfy each of the above (every one!), You must pay special attention during pregnancy!Don’t overestimate yourself!

1. About pregnancy

If the elders repeatedly brainwashing: I ca n’t eat it throughout the pregnancy, and my son who drinks white porridge is okay at all; the Zhang family’s daughter spit for 20 pounds in the first three months., Both have a big fat boy.EssenceEssenceEssence

Lesson: If the pregnancy vomiting is very serious, the weight before pregnancy is light, the weight decreases significantly, and it is not very good in the constitution itself, be sure to go to the hospital for help!

Later, her husband couldn’t stand it anymore, and I found a pregnancy -induced healing device on a certain treasure. It felt good to see the evaluation.

Try to wear on the first day, take 20 minutes in the morning and evening, it can be better after using the massage.After using it for a while, the nausea during the day was basically gone.I just want to say that it is too easy to use, my nose is restored to adult nose again.

Let me talk about my feelings. It is a pink bracelet with a sticker at the bottom. You can bring your wrist by yourself. After turning on, there is a sense of stimulation through the current.The bear is really cute, and the white coat that is still wearing is like supervising me from time to time. The bracelet is posted on time. The sachet is also a faint lemon jasmine flavor, just like standing in the clouds. It is said that it can increase appetite and relieve pregnancy!Now go to work every day and pretend to be in a bag.

The fetus does not require too much nutrition in the early stages of pregnancy, but if the mother itself is malnourished, it will lead to a decline in autoimmunity, resulting in a series of problems, such as virus bacteria, the placenta is not growing, etc.Well, even if the fetus itself is fine, it is very dangerous and even fatal!

2. About bleeding

If the elders are brainwashing repeatedly: Don’t panic, then the Zhao family can’t stop seeing the red blood flow, and the daughter of the Sun family must have a pool of blood when I bend her waist;All have children.You only have a little bit, not hindered, you may also be a son!

Lesson: No matter what stage, as long as you bleed, you must pay attention to it!The larger the gestational week, the more dangerous the bleeding, the more dangerous the more dangerous!No matter what kind of bleeding, be sure to immediately let go of your hand immediately -go to the hospital!Lie quiet!take a vacation!

Bleeding is the most dangerous thing!And if the bleeding has been spent safely once or twice, it will bleed again after a while. Don’t think it doesn’t matter. You must know that this is a very and more dangerous thing. It may be that the death of death has begun to knock on the bell at this moment!IntersectionIntersectionMust go to the hospital, emergency department!Emergency!Emergency!

3. About diet taboos

Elders always like to emphasize what to eat or not, and they ca n’t wait to eat every day for what they think they can eat; they do n’t let them eat for them.

Lesson: During pregnancy, diet and diverse diets are the mainstay. Try to eat at home and eat everything, but you ca n’t eat more!

Many APPs can query diet taboos during the pregnancy, which is more reliable than the experience of the elders.Pay strictly paying attention to food that causes tires and contractions, it is best not to eat at least not to eat!The diet of traditional Chinese medicine is reasonable to make sense. Some foods can be used as medicine or even have great medicinal properties, which shows that the effect is acceptable.For example, there are cases of abortion due to a large amount of amaranth.Western medicine is not avoided because the West does not eat so many grass like us!

4. About constipation

If you have a serious constipation, go to the hospital!IntersectionIntersectionDo not force, or blindly believe in the prescriptions of the elders!At least before eating, check whether there are taboos!Be sure to check!Some recipes are really useful, but useful exactly explaining the effect. This effect is often not limited to improving constipation!For example, it may also cause contractions!

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