What will the fetus feel in the belly during the same room during pregnancy?

People eat grain grains and have their own seven emotions and six desires.Even during pregnancy, the desire of pregnant mothers in the same room actually exists.Today, with the development of the times and the progress of concepts, everyone has understood that if the situation allows, the couple can actually be in the same room during pregnancy.Indeed, in October, it is beneficial to improve the relationship between husband and wife during the same room.

And some Bao Ma, who had experience in the same room during pregnancy, suggested that during the same room during pregnancy, I felt a little uncomfortable in my stomach. I do n’t know if the baby ’s“ protest ”proposed by this.

You know, at the two months of pregnancy, the fetus has begun to take care of humanoid, and various organs have begun to differentiate and develop.So during the same room during pregnancy, what will the fetus in the stomach of the pregnant mother feel?

In the same room, pregnant mothers will accelerate heartbeat in fierce exercise, and this heartbeat acceleration will be perceived by the fetus.Some pregnant mothers proposed to go to the room during pregnancy, and they felt that the stomach was slightly uncomfortable because the fetus felt the mother’s belly "exercise" after the fetus felt that the mother’s heartbeat accelerated.In this regard, you don’t need to be nervous, this is just a normal phenomenon.

During the same room during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s uterus will unconsciously shrink, and the baby in the uterus can naturally feel it.For the baby, it feels like his "little nest" is shrinking.However, this contraction is in a normal range. Babies usually only think that this is a normal activity of pregnant mothers every day, and will not feel any abnormalities.

In the same room, everyone knows that physical vibration is inevitable.Even if the pregnant mother and husband strive to make the movement slightly, the body cannot avoid vibration.As a "resident" in the stomach of a pregnant mother, the baby is naturally very sensitive to the mother’s physical condition, and can clearly perceive the mild impact of housing during pregnancy.But due to the protection of amniotic fluid, this vibration will not hurt the baby.Parents should also be careful. If the action is too large, it may break the amniotic fluid in advance.

For pregnant mothers, houses are actually very energy -consuming, and they may feel tired in the later stages of intercourse.However, for the baby in the pregnant mother’s belly, the intercourse will only feel vitality in the later period of TA. This is caused by the blood flow in the pregnant mother’s body during pregnancy.

In general, although it can be in the same room during pregnancy, pregnant mothers and husbands must have a clear understanding of their physical condition.The most important thing is that in the same room during pregnancy, you must also pay attention to the use of contraceptive tools.This is not for contraception, but to protect pregnant mothers not infected by germs. After all, the health of the baby is the most important thing ~

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