What will happen to people who eat a piece of vitamin C for a long time?Can vitamin C be eaten every day?

Speaking of vitamin C, I believe everyone is no stranger. Whenever oral ulcers occur in the human body, a few vitamin C will help supplement the nutrients in the human body and can alleviate their own oral ulcers.

The vegetables and fruits we eat will contain a large amount of vitamin C. As long as you ensure sufficient nutrition every day, the intake of vitamin C can also meet the needs of the human body.


What are the benefits of vitamin C to the body?

In many people’s cognition, I feel that vitamin C is a drug, and it is necessary to prevent vitamin C moldy. This idea is actually right. Vitamin C cannot be directly considered to be a traditional drug.

Vitamin C is an indispensable trace element among the human body. With its existence, it can ensure the normal operation of the human body.

If you choose the proper method of eating and just consumption, it will not have any side effects. It can be used by adults, children, old people, or pregnant women.


What will happen to people who eat a piece of vitamin C for a long time?Can vitamin C be eaten every day?

Promote iron absorption

A study published in the international journal "Food and Function" pointed out that vitamin C itself has a strong reduction, and which foods are easily absorbed by the human body.At the same time, proper supplementation of vitamin C can also promote iron absorption.

Enhance human immune function

Vitamin C can enhance his immune function after entering the human body, which undoubtedly increases its own barrier, can also increase the ability of human confrontation to bring bacteria and viruses, and improve its own quality of life.

Promote the formation of collagen

There will be collagen in the human body, and it contains a large amount of dietary protein, hydrofluorine and hydrogen -based.

Vitamin C is after the human body, it can enhance and stimulate the existence of these substances, which will help stimulate the synthesis of collagen and help health.

Treatment of purulent disease

Once the human body lacks vitamin C, the micro -blood vessels in the body will become very fragile and easy to rupture, and the risk of sepsis will gradually increase. After supplementing vitamin C, it effectively alleviates this abnormally increase the intensity of vascularity.Elasticity can fundamentally prevent the ultimate problem of blood vessel rupture.

Reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease

After the vitamin C enters the human body, it can also increase the human body’s self -ability, and at the same time to protect more cells and substances, thereby fundamentally reducing the risk of cell damage and helping the human body to repair damaged connective tissues.

Promote wound healing

Vitamin C can increase the synthesis of collagen in the body, and to a certain extent to promote wound healing, especially for some people with joint pain and gum bleeding, supplementing vitamin C can help the human body relieve, it is very goodThe preferred drug.


Can vitamin C be eaten every day?

Through the above, we understand that a small vitamin C has such great benefits, so many people are particularly doubtful, can it take it for a long time?

Doctors suggest that you cannot take it for a long time because it will increase some side effects in the body, such as gastrointestinal diseases.

When the human body uses a large number of vitamin C, it will lead to the continuous increase in the amount of gastric acid secretion, which also increases the probability of gastric ulcer and other gastric diseases, and will reduce the body’s immune ability.

When the human body is taking vitamin C excessively, it will directly reduce the ability of white blood cells and increase the decline in the human body’s ability to resist disease. If you are a gout patient, and then taking vitamin C, you will easily cause uric acidSteering leads to an increase in the chance of gout.

And for pregnant women and lactating women, everyone should pay more attention. If the content of vitamin C is exceeded, the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency will appear on the fetus or newborn.


Reading extension -What are the symptoms of lack of vitamin C

Skin ame

Once the body is lacking vitamin C, it will first make our capillary walls very fragile, and it will easily increase the symptoms of rupture.

In our lives, we may stumble. This is the capillaries of the body being squeezed, and it will occur.

Dry skin

If the body wants to keep the skin elasticity and moist and shiny, then you must supplement vitamin C. If you lack the nourishment of vitamin C, it will increase the elasticity of skin collagen to continuously decrease, further inducing the dryness of the skin, to the human body, to the human bodyThe damage is great.

Iron deficiency anemia

If the human body lacks vitamin C for a long time, it may cause bleeding from the skin and mucosa. The iron that the human body often absorbs the mucosa every day will decrease significantly, which also increases the chance of iron deficiency anemia.

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