What to do if the stomach is itchy, especially in the evening

The stomach is itchy at night and cannot be seen in obvious skin lesions. It is probably caused by itching of the skin. First of all, pay attention to avoid excessive scratching. On weekdays, you must wash and expose the bedding.To do skin moisturizing work, it is necessary to take targeted treatment in time if necessary.

Skin itching disease is regardless of age, but clinical patients are mostly elderly.The disease of young people is generally an external evil in their own body.The skin itching of youth patients is dialectical, with blood and heat and heat type. The patients are self -sensing and irritable. When they become ill, itching will be exacerbated when fever. Itching is often visible with red tongue and yellow coating.With sparse wind and heat dissipation and itching as the rules, medicinal angelica, cicada, sophisticated, nepeta, purple grass, licorice, windproof, raw land, etc., patients can also use two fried water to wash to give full efficacy.

This disease occurs with this disease, which is often related to their own blood loss and degradation of physiological function, and most of the elderly have onset in autumn and winter. When the disease occurs, the skin can be seen rough, dizzy, and easy to dream at night.Moreover, the skin of the elderly is mostly long -disease, or repeatedly. It is accompanied by red tongue and thin fur. Most of them are pulse during diagnosis.It should be based on nourishing blood and flat liver, removing wind and itching as the treatment method. Pharmaceuticals, Shouwu, Shimbarong, Codonopsis, astragalus, Chuanxiong, windproof, raw licorice, etc.

Patients should pay attention to the corresponding taboos when using traditional Chinese medicine, otherwise they may lose their skills.Especially when the potion contains astragalus, ginseng and other nourishing products, patients should pay attention to avoid eating radishes; at the same time, it is best to eat less cold food, especially for elderly patients.It will increase the burden on the metabolism of the spleen and stomach, and it may also stimulate itching.

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