What to do if the pregnant mother is "Yang"

As a key group of preventing new coronal virus infections, what should I do if my pregnant maternal is very concerned about what to do if she is infected?How will it affect the baby?What are the symptoms of pregnant women after infection?What happens to see a doctor urgently?In response to these issues, on December 11, the reporter interviewed He Tongqiang, chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Women and Children’s Hospital of Northwest Women.

Question: How do pregnant women do a good job of protection and not infected?

Answer: Maternal women should insist on doing personal protection, pay attention to often ventilation in the room, keep air circulation, and reduce gathering.If you have a positive infected person in your home, do a good job of isolation.Out of the output inspection, make an appointment and 48 -hour nucleic acid test in advance. It is recommended to wear the N95 mask and leave the hospital immediately after the examination.Inocularly vaccinated the new crown vaccine in time.

Elderly (≥35 years old), obesity (BMI ≥ 28kg/ m2), and comorbidities, especially hypertension, diabetes or more than one kind of complication or unmotished pregnant women who need to pay special attention and protect them.

Q: Can I vaccinate the new crown vaccine during pregnancy?

Answer: Inoculation of new crown vaccines before and during pregnancy is safe, effective and beneficial to women and babies during pregnancy.Those who find pregnancy after vaccination have no need to terminate pregnancy.Vaccine vaccination is the safest and most effective way for pregnant women to protect themselves and babies from infringement of new crown virus. At any stage of pregnancy, it is recommended to vaccinate vaccines in time, including enhanced needles when necessary.

Q: Does pregnant women infection with new coronal viruses affect the fetus?

Answer: There is no evidence that the new coronary pneumonia virus can pass through the placenta infection.Monitoring data shows that the new coronal virus -positive pregnant maternal maternal will basically not affect the health of the fetus and neonatal.

However, when pregnant mothers have symptoms of severe infection such as dyspnea and unclear consciousness, or when the baby is a premature child, some neonatal complications may occur.

Question: How to take medicine after infection?

Answer: Pregnant mothers are infected with new coronary viruses. If the symptoms are mild or asymptomatic, there is no need to treat, let alone take medicine to prevent new coronal virus infections.If you are only dry throat, itchy, slight sore throat, nasal congestion and other symptoms, you can drink an appropriate amount of honey water, lemonade, honeysuckle or chrysanthemum water to relieve the symptoms.If the symptoms are obvious or fever occurs, the body temperature is close or exceeds 38.5 degrees Celsius, you can choose the antipyretic analgesic drugs such as orally to take the acetyaminol tablet.Other proprietary Chinese medicines such as Lianhua clearing plague, clearing granules, etc. (do not superimposed), cough, cough, phlegm, acetylcysteine, Chuanbei syrup, etc. need to take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.If the high fever does not alleviate for 2-3 days, the breathing is short, or the conscious fetal movement is abnormal, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Question: What symptoms of pregnant women who are infected with the new coronal virus need to be seek medical treatment immediately?

Answer: Do you want to go to the hospital during pregnancy?Due to obstetric factors, that is, the unwelling caused by pregnancy itself requires a timely medical treatment.Non -producing factors that require medical treatment include: long fever time or body temperature exceeds 39 ° C, or fever again after the symptoms improve; headache, severe sore throat and symptomatic treatment have not improved;Heartbeat speeds up; severe nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea; nasal congestion, runny nose, cough for more than 10 days without relief or nasal congestion, runny nose, cough seriously affecting daily life such as sleep rest; other concerns or unsure.

Question: Can pregnant women still check on time after infection?

Answer: All delivery institutions can consult the new coronal virus to detect positive pregnant women, but they need to be diagnosed separately.

In order to avoid going to the hospital to increase the possibility of cross -infection and alleviate the pressure of the hospital’s consultation. It is not necessary to delay the postpartum inspection in the inspection items.Essence

Four important checkups that cannot be missed: 11-13 + 6 weeks: early Tang family screening + early NT screening; 14-20 weeks: medium -term Tang family screening, pregnant women with high risk factors can choose non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture, etc. 20; 20; 20; 20; 20; 20~ 24 weeks: ultrasonic screening during pregnancy (large deformed or system B -ultrasound examination); 24 to 28 weeks: OGTT screening (diabetes screening).

Q: Can I continue breastfeeding after breastfeeding?

Answer: Studies show that when the mother is suspected of or infected with the new coronary virus, no new coronal virus is found in their breast milk. Breastfeeding is safe, but the virus may be transmitted to the baby when the pregnant mothers speak, cough or sneeze.Therefore, breastfeeding is not recommended.

Question: Can the mother infection with the new coronal virus during lactation?Can it be vaccinated?

Answer: If breastfeeding mothers have severe symptoms of fever, cough, and nasal congestion during the breastfeeding mother.Without symptoms, no treatment can be treated.New crown vaccine during lactation does not affect breast milk.

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