What to do if the expectant mother’s toothache should be relieved immediately

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are really painful when they encounter toothache.For the healthy growth of the fetus in the abdomen, expectant mothers cannot abuse drugs due to toothache.Can I only endure tooth pain during pregnancy?What should I do if my expectant mother’s toothache?How to relieve pain immediately?

Before preparing for pregnancy, expectant mothers to go to the dental hospital for a comprehensive examination and necessary treatment to prevent problems before they occur.In addition, the best time to treat dental diseases with dental diseases, the best time to treat caries and gingivitis is in the middle of pregnancy, that is, 4-6 months of pregnancy.However, you must still develop the correct habits of oral health, such as insisting on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse after meals; regular use of dental spots to clean neighboring plaque; you must choose healthy toothbrushes with small brushes, soft brushes, and grinding hair,Select fluoride toothpaste; mouthwash after eating snacks.

It is best not to use any medicine. It really hurts. It is recommended to contain fresh ginger slices. Cut a piece of ginger and slowly top to the painful gums with your tongue. Generally, it will stop.If you do n’t improve, go to the Department of Stomatology of the hospital for a symptomatic treatment, and usually eat less spicy and irritating food.

What should I do if my spare mother tooth pain?For this kind of problem, I believe that many expectant mothers will have such a situation. For pregnant women, they cannot take medicine casually. Therefore, this kind of pain will be more serious.It is important to relieve pain, but how can we eliminate or relieve some of such pain?

Oral experts pointed out: Generally, pregnant women have such a situation and are recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.Mother’s teeth cannot be taken by the way, and pregnant women cannot replenish their teeth.Therefore, you can only go to a regular hospital for treatment. The temporary remission is to rinse your mouth in the morning and evening.Diopathic diseases are very troublesome during pregnancy, and due to the rise in hormone levels, other dental diseases can be induced. The uterus is fragile, and it will be stimulated if toothache.

Therefore, expectant mothers should pay more attention to their teeth, and they should rinse their mouths after meals to prevent the food of the food cause tooth problems.If you have a problem with teeth, you should go to a regular hospital to ask experts for treatment. Do not take medicine without authorization, so as not to affect you and the fetus.

1. Rinse the mouth of thick salt water

Using a strong saturated state of salt water to rush the mouth to help anti -inflammatory.Use the cotton to dip the thick salt water and bite it on the teeth of the swollen and painful teeth. Don’t be afraid to persist for a small meeting, and rinse your mouth with boiled water.

2. Garlic pain relief

Cut the garlic into thin slices and apply it to the pulse of the wrist. If it is toothache on the left, apply it to the pulse of the right wrist; the toothache on the right, put on the left wrist.This method can relieve some pain.

3. Anti -inflammatory

You can also use garlic slices to put on the gums to reduce inflammation; or oral peppercorns can also alleviate the pain caused by local oral inflammation.

4. Massage hand

This method can relieve 50 % of pain.Take a "V" band connected to the forefinger bones and gently press the ice cubes to be pressed at this area for 5-7 minutes.A Canadian researcher found that 60-90 % of the people used this method, which reduced toothache.His research shows that this friction method can interfere with the conduction of toothache and nerve impulses.

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