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Now more and more people are raising pet dogs like to let their dogs have a nest of dogs and breed a nest of descendants.However, many shovel officers are not specialized breeders. When they encounter a dog for the first time, they will inevitably lack experience. I wonder if the dog is pregnant?What should I pay attention to when I am pregnant?In order to avoid some errors, today we will share with you the point of pet pregnancy!

Signs of dog pregnancy

Dog Dong before the dog breeds, the dog must talk about it. Generally, the shoveling officer will choose to breed artificially or the dogs are inexplicable outside.So how do we judge whether dogs are pregnant?

The dog changes very little some time ago after the breeding. We can only wait with peace of mind. After about 2 weeks, some dogs may be worse.The bitch’s nipples will start to turn red slowly on about 25 days. Until the 35th day, the bitch’s breasts have become pink, and they will slowly droop.By 45 days, the breast swelling and drooping were very powerful.The stomach also slowly bulged.The abdomen begins to get bigger.This may be pregnant.

Most female dogs can be basically determined around 45 days of mating, and the more they are pregnant, the more obvious, but there are a little bit of producing, or there are less tires. For exampleThe female dog will change very small, it may be difficult to judge the naked eye, and it can continue to observe for a week.

Generally, dogs will start pregnancy reactions after 2 weeks of breeding, such as vomiting and vomiting and retching of appetite.Later, the breast development became red, and the stomach became bigger.However, the above situations will also occur. Severe fake pregnancy can even squeeze out milk in the end. In fact, it is empty.

There is also a fast way. If the shovel officer is anxious to know the result, you can go to the pet shop to do a B -ultrasound when the dog is raised for about 35 days.

Learn about the cycle of dog pregnancy

1-30 days of the first stage:

The female dogs who have just conceived (within 1-2 weeks) need to avoid strenuous exercise to ensure that the female dog’s feeding level is good, and there is no need to add too much meat and eggs.The fetus grows slowly at this stage, and it is small. If you feed too much food, it is equivalent to giving the mother dog fertilizer. The bitch is fat and too lazy to exercise, which is easy to produce.

31-45 days second stage:

Generally, the female dogs can urinate frequently. If you walk the dog once every morning and evening, it is best to add more times to increase the amount of exercise appropriately.In terms of nutrition, a small amount of meat, eggs, and yogurt (not pure milk) are just fine,

46-60 days third stage:

At this stage, it is easy to see that the female dog’s belly is large, and take it out for a slow-paced walk. The amount of feeding is 20%-50%more than usual.

However, the food of the female dogs must be fresh and pollution. Pay more attention to the temperature. At about 37 ° C, overheating affects the appetite of the female dog, excessive cold causes gastrointestinal irritation, and may cause miscarriage.It is best to give maternal dogs for pregnancy -specific food at the entire stage, which is more good for it to have a baby.

If the dog is determined to be pregnant, we will start to supplement them to supplement their nutrition from the diet.So, how should you supplement nutrition for the pet dog of pregnancy?

First of all, the prepared food must be rich in nutrition, comprehensive, and balanced. It can be based on dog food. It can be paired with pet goat milk powder to improve the immunity of dogs, strengthen nutrition management, and ensure that dogs and many dog babies can be ensured.Have enough nutrition to maintain your health and growth.

Then in terms of nutritional supplement, shoveling officers can also use animal organs or bone soup or dog food to change feeding. When feeding, they must be appropriate. Try not to eat cold food for dogs. The warm is the best.Other irritating foods: such as pepper, do not give the dogs (the point here is to say to the shoveling officer who likes to feed the leftovers leftovers in his family)

Finally, in the cycle of the dog’s pregnancy, in addition to preparing nutritional food accidents, it should also be fed regularly to supplement nutrition in time.At the same time, you must also prepare enough drinking water so that the dog mother can drink at any time.

To help the mother of the dog supplement the nutrition during pregnancy, prepare for it, and pay special attention when matching food, choose some high -protein, high calcium, and vitamin rich foods.The recommended foods are: cooked egg yolk (this is very good for the dog’s body) can supplement lecithin, supplement nutrition for the dog mother and baby in the belly, and improve immunity.

Source: Dog Dong; ID: GDOG2019; Personal ID: MeilianKind

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