What to do during pregnancy?Don’t be afraid, first look at whether the body has these 5 symptoms

The 7 -month -old Xiao Ru would take a bayonet to work every day. On this day, she got up late, and hurried out in a hurry in a heavy rain. Unexpectedly, she suddenly slipped and fell halfway.He murmured to his stomach: "Oh my god, I hope the baby is okay …" Many people have experienced the experience of almost slipping or falling during pregnancy. What should I do as soon as possible?How to judge whether it will have a miscarriage?

Hold blood pressure and physical center of gravity changes, be careful

Many people think that pregnant women have a big belly, and they should be careful about every move. However, according to statistics, the chance of pregnant women falling during pregnancy is 1/3, not as low as ordinary people’s imagination.Why is it easy for pregnant women to fall?This is related to physical changes at different stages of pregnancy.Blood pressure decreased in the early stages of pregnancy, and pregnant mothers are prone to posture hypotension. They faint when they suddenly change their posture (such as getting up to the toilet in the middle of the night).

In the later stages of pregnancy, the stomach of the belly caused the body’s center of gravity to change and the sense of balance decreased. The pelvic joint loosening can also reduce the stability of the body. At this time, it is easy to fall due to unstable gait.In addition, because the big belly will cover the field of vision in front, and the amount of activity will be reduced after the belly becomes larger, and the physical coordination will deteriorate. Many pregnant women will unexpectedly stumble in the process of rushing.Special common.People with anemia should provide babies’ blood during pregnancy, and they are easy to faint when they walk or trips quickly.

Will fall?It depends on whether the belly is hit

Many people see the heroine’s falling bridge section on TV that they will be shocked, and intuitively connect the fall and abortion, but the fall during pregnancy may not necessarily have a miscarriage.The severity of the pregnant woman’s fall can be large or small. Seeing whether the stomach is impacted, basically, as long as the belly is not hit directly or indirectly, the baby will not be harmed.As people fall, they will immediately reach out to make self -protection reflex movements. Most people fall are sprained, scratching or fractures of hands.The situation is relatively rare, unless it is stumbled up and down the stairs, or if it falls when you walk quickly, you can make your belly hit the ground directly.As long as it falls, it will not affect the baby too much when it is absorbed by the body parts other than the belly.

Dangerous signal of pregnancy fall

1. Vaginal bleeding or flowing water -like secretions (water break).

2. Tight abdomen, stuffy, uncomfortable (contractions).

3. Continuous pain or pain in the lower abdomen.

4. Decrease or disappear of fetal movement.

5. Unable to urinate normally.

Strong impact, maybe premature birth, water breaking or placenta stripping

Having said that, if the stomach is hit, will it increase the risk of miscarriage?Even if the stomach is directly impacted, it does not mean that it will have a miscarriage, it depends on the impact force.Falling abortion or premature birth is usually the uterus being severely collided and caused a strong contraction. This severe impact may also cause water breaking or placenta.Whether it is premature, miscarriage, water breaking or placenta, the premise is that the uterus is severely impacted. If the impact force is not great, it depends on the assessment of the clinical condition. Moms do not need to worry too much.

First confirm that the belly is condition and then decide whether to seek medical treatment

What should I do if I accidentally fall during pregnancy?Remind my mother, do not rush to climb immediately, first confirm whether the stomach is impacted. If you are not sure, you can open your clothes to check whether the stomach is bruised. Press your belly with your belly to observe whether you feel pain.Whether it is injured in other parts of the body.Once the stomach is impacted, you should seek medical treatment immediately regardless of the size of the impact force. If the belly is not impacted, only the physical bruises and bruises can be observed at home.Body damage caused by falling usually develops symptoms immediately. The probability of reaction after a period of time is very low. As long as you confirm that your stomach is not hit, you don’t have to worry too much.During pregnancy, as long as you confirm whether the stomach is injured, record the injured parts of the body and the current symptoms, explain to the doctor when you seek medical treatment.

Do n’t mention the backpack on the back of the back

Accidents often happen when people caught off guard, especially during pregnancy. Although prevention is better than treatment, it is also the key point to ensure that mothers and babies are safe and healthy.If dizziness and dizziness and dark eyes during pregnancy, it is best to grab the nearest fulcrum and slowly squat or sit down.

Do not lift heavy things when you go out, and help the balance to help balance.Slow walking, hold the handrails up and down the stairs, and try to get close to the wall as much as possible; placing small night lights in the staircase at night to assist lighting.Choosing shoes is mainly to grasp the functional shoes with strong grip and slipping function. It is best to wear skids and waterproof rain boots in rainy days.Most of the bathrooms are set up for handrails and non -slip pads. Walking on the line to avoid gaps in high and low. The entry steps are made to prevent kick.

Is there something wrong?fine?The first 24 hours is the critical period

During pregnancy, there will be various physical changes such as hypotension, pelvic joint loosening, physical focus …Remind pregnant mothers that the health of the fetus is based on the safety of the mother. Whether it is at home or out of activities, be careful to avoid falling.Once you fall, you must check whether the stomach is injured in the first time. If the belly is hit, the first 24 hours is the critical period. As long as there is no symptom about the stomach within 24 hours, it means that the chance of the baby’s accident is very low, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Prevention falling, grasping the 8 principles of 8 major

Squat or sit down when dizzy.

Avoid unilateral heavy objects.

Go out the backpack, do not take your bag or other items in your hands.

Slowly walk, and hold the handrail up and down the stairs.

Small night lights are placed in the stairs at night.

Wearing shoes is mainly functional shoes with anti -slip and grip effect.

Bathrooms are mostly set up armrests and non -slip pads.

Make a soft cushion on the side of the door into a slope to prevent kicking.

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