What to do during pregnancy?Dental doctors only teach you 2 tricks, there is no impact at all!

Yesterday, a friend around me told me that she had a toothache for a day and accompanied by headache

In addition, because I did not go to the hospital during pregnancy, I could only endure

When the pain is great, you can only grab your hair to relieve the pain

This can’t help but remind me that Zhang Yiyi had a matter of toothache during pregnancy

This is not enough, that’s not okay, anyway, I can do anything when I am pregnant.

Toothache is undoubtedly a "terrible" torture for the average person

Ordinary people can’t stand it, let alone the mother in the pregnancy.

This really makes me have to admire my mother’s patience, let alone admire my mother’s courage to overcome the pain.

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, the immunity decreases, and the oral environment also changes accordingly.nothing

How to prevent oral disease during pregnancy

1. Comprehensive oral examination before pregnancy

The problem of teeth must be cured sooner or later, and it is not as good as early and late.Taking advantage of your arms, first do a oral examination and solve the problem early

Otherwise, it is likely to be treated in the early and in the early pregnancy, which is likely to cause abortion and premature birth risk due to tension and pain.

2. Best treatment period in oral cavity in the middle of pregnancy

If there is no way, it can only be treated in the middle of pregnancy.Early inappropriate treatment can easily cause miscarriage, and inappropriate treatment in advance

But even in the second trimester, doctors will not give their mothers X -ray, replenish teeth, tooth extraction, and porcelain tooth. Although it can be operated, the difficulty of treatment will increase

3. Ensure nutritional balance

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should balance various nutrients. If the calcium and vitamins intake by the mother after pregnancy are insufficient, the fetus will directly absorb the mother’s reserves, resulting in the lack of calcium and vitamin of pregnant mothers, which will cause a series of dental diseases

4. Pay attention to oral cleaning

Brush your teeth twice in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth in time after meals, especially after eating sweets.

Treatment of toothache during pregnancy

1. Ice

Ice application has the effects of reducing pain, swelling, and hemostasis. When the oral cavity is severely repeated, you can try the ice application first. If there is no effect, then take another method.

2. With a bite of ginger slices

Ginger slices have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, which can effectively alleviate toothache.


After the oral problem occurs, the expectant mother must not panic. You can choose to go to the hospital for treatment and explain the pregnancy status to the doctor, and let the doctor give a series of treatment plans

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