What sleeping position do my husband use after pregnancy?Seeing all feelings, cute and warm heart

In the stomach, there are pregnant mothers who have a new generation of hope in the family. When I am pregnant, it can be said that it is the focus of a family’s work.Not only is the whole family particularly concerned that she dare not let him run into it, but the whole family is thinking about how to supplement her nutrition.After more than eight months of struggle for the whole family, it finally reached the end of the last month of the sprint -the baby is about to be born immediately, and the dawn of victory is looking at it.But the more the mothers will feel more uncomfortable, especially in the last month, the stomach is already large, and it is very inconvenient to do a variety of things. Even ordinary sleep becomes painful.EssenceFaced with this situation, although the prospective dads on the side cultivated a funny sleeping position.

The first: hold the ball to sleep.At this stage, the mother’s belly was round, as if it was a huge meatball.Sometimes my mother is uncomfortable, and my father will stroke her mother’s belly and try to relieve her mother’s pain.Sometimes don’t fall asleep in such a posture.

Second: Open the chat business.Because of physical difficulties and psychological pressure, how can there be a few moms at this time?I can’t sleep uncomfortably. How can I let the people next to it stop?So there are often quasi -dads who are called at midnight chat services.Often talk and sleep again.

Third: smart turning service.Sleeping posture affects the baby’s development, so mothers will.Restracking the posture of sleeping.But some mothers are not honest when they sleep.Sleeping and falling asleep or even sleeping on his stomach.How can this do?So the dad had to bear the responsibility of turning over in the middle of the night.

The fourth type: service from the night.How can I not afford night when I am pregnant?I believe everyone has experienced the feeling of urgency and inconvenience in the middle of the night.It’s inconvenient to get out of bed. Of course, the best choice at this time was of course the quasi -father who woke up next to him.So the prospective dad also provided night services.

Fifth type: The group is weak and helpless in the corner.so.As the mother’s body shape becomes larger, in order to better protect the children, many prospective dads choose to exile themselves into the small corner of the bed.Just to better protect children and mothers.

Sixth type: Call at midnight.The nutrition in the pregnant old mother’s body all gives the baby’s own nutrition that can’t keep up.Calcium is such a kind of nutrition that can’t keep up.The lack of nutrition will make people often cramps.And this situation often happens in the middle of the night, and the dads are busy with work again.

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