What signals appear in women’s bodies mean pregnancy?

Some women have been looking forward to for a long time, and some women have accidentally harvested, but no matter what the situation is, if your body appears the following signals, it means that you are likely to get pregnant.

1. Menstruation stop

The most obvious symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are menstruation stop.If the husband and wife have sex before and after the ovulation period and do not take contraceptive measures. Usually the menstrual cycle is normal, and the menstrual period is postponed for 5-7 days, then it is possible to get pregnant.

2. Mild bleeding, abdominal pain and backache

If you find signs of mild bleeding, it may also be a manifestation of early pregnancy. This is because when the embryo is attached to the uterine wall, it will cause stimulating and mild damage to the surrounding small hair blood vessels, which will cause bleeding.In addition to mild bleeding, some mothers will feel slightly spasm or waist pain in the abdomen, and will last for several days. In fact, these are signs of successful early embryo beds.However, this symptom of this pregnancy cannot be judged whether it is pregnancy, and you must go to the hospital to check.

However, to remind the generals that if it is severe vaginal bleeding, it is accompanied by dizziness, fever, abdomen, neck, pelvis and other pains, it must be paid attention.Instead, I ran to the fallopian tube home and should seek medical treatment immediately.

3. The number of launching times significantly increases

If this signal appears, it may be the phenomenon of pregnancy. This is because the embryo will start to secrete the velvet fur membrane gonadotropin (HCG) after the embryo goes smoothly in the uterine wall. Under the stimulation of HCG hormones, the blood flows to the pelvic boneIt will become faster, which will put pressure on the bladder and increase the urine.In addition, under the action of progesterone, the smooth tension of the mother’s urinary system is not as good as before, and the filtering of kidney and blood flow increases, which increases the excretion function, which will make the mother frequently want to go to the toilet.

4. Fatigue and drowsiness

After the embryo is in the bed smoothly, the levels of progesterone in the body increase.Cannoga can help the baby’s growth smoothly, but it will slow down the mother’s metabolism and less energy. Therefore, in the early days of embryo, mothers usually are particularly prone to fatigue and drowsiness.Essence

5. Breast pain and become soft

After the embryonic bed is successful, some mothers will feel breast tenderness and become soft. This is due to the stimulation of progesterone in the body, which causes the breast glands to grow, allowing the breast to save more liquid in the late pregnancy, so as to be better.Breast milk and breastfeeding your baby.

For women who are ready to get pregnant, you can pay more attention to your physical changes, but to maintain a good mood, don’t be too nervous, so that the babies of the embryo will be in bed.However, the above signals are only initially judged whether women are pregnant. If you want to determine, you still have to go to the hospital to check. You can also see if your baby develops well.””” Preparation of pregnancy “””@

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