What should pregnant mothers have a fever?

After pregnancy, the physical resistance of expectant mothers will weaken. If you do not pay attention to the sanitation of clothing, clothing, and transportation, it is easy to suffer from cold and fever diseases.For normal people, there is no need to worry about colds and fever normally, but the expectant mothers during pregnancy can not help but pay attention!

Most people can be called fever if the body temperature is higher than 37 degrees Celsius.There are some differences in expectant mothers. Because the metabolism speed is relatively fast, the body temperature of expectant mothers usually 0.5 degrees Celsius higher than the average person. Therefore, when the body temperature rises to more than 37.5 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to consider whether to have a fever.If the body temperature is higher than 38.5 degrees Celsius and is a high fever, expectant mothers must pay special attention and deal with it in time.

What to do if pregnant women have a fever

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The physiological characteristics of pregnant women and fetuses are different from ordinary people. Therefore, when facing fever, they should also look differently. How should pregnant women take care of the fever to ensure the health of the mother and fetus?

1. Physical cooling: In addition to finding the cause of fever, it is necessary for pregnant women, moderate antipyretics, fever often increases the mother’s metabolic rate, and will merge many uncomfortable symptoms at the same time., Full -body burnout, palpitations, and even dehydration, etc., will increase the burden on the heart and lung function of pregnant women.Therefore, you need to choose a moderate antipyretic. Generally speaking, if the body temperature of the pregnant woman is less than 38.5 degrees Celsius, and there are no obvious symptoms of discomfort, you can consider helping to reduce fever by physical methods such as: ice pillow, heat dissipation patch, warm water wipe like using it.Wipe your body repeatedly, place ice packs in the armpits, foreheads and groin.

2. Use of antipyretic medicine: Try not to use it. When it is considering the use of drugs, it also varies from person to person, but if the body temperature is above 38.5 degrees Celsius and has uncomfortable symptoms with uncomfortable accompaniment, you can consider the guidance of a doctor’s guidance.Use drugs to assist, otherwise it will hurt the fetus.

3. Find the cause of fever: It must be specially reiterated that the pathogen that causes fever is more important than fever than fever. Therefore, when pregnant women have a fever, the important thing is to find the cause of fever.It’s more important.

4. Pay attention to replenishing water: Fever can make the expectant mothers evaporate in the body, loss of salt, and consumption of calories, so the moisture should be replenished in time.Drinking plenty of boiling water can help the fever, but also facilitate the metabolism of toxins in the body, thereby shortening the time of the disease.

5. Eat indigestible food: When fever, gastrointestinal digestive ability will decrease, and appetite will deteriorate.Specific mothers can eat some liquid foods, if juice, rice soup, etc.; After a little appetite improves, you can eat some semi -flow foods such as ravioli, egg custard, etc.; You can eat some porridge, noodles, fresh vegetables, etc. after fever.

6. Maintain a full rest: The body is easy to feel fatigue when fever, and expectant mothers need to take full rest to reduce physical consumption.The room should keep quiet and air circulation.

Does expectant mother have an impact on the fetus?

If it is just a brief mild fever, it will generally not cause harm to the mother or fetus.However, some studies have found that during the period of 5-6 weeks of pregnancy (3-4 weeks of conception), that is, the development of neural tube development. If the body temperature of the pregnant woman is 38.9 degrees Celsius, and it lasts more than 24 hours, the fetus will occur in the fetus(Such as no brain) opportunities, but it must be emphasized that few pregnant women will increase their body temperature so high and continue for such a long time without processing.

If the expectant mothers have a high fever (more than 38.5 degrees Celsius) for a long time, they may cause some harm to the fetus.If you have a high fever in the early stages of pregnancy, you may cause malformations and abortion; if you have a high fever in the middle and late pregnancy, you may have a certain metabolic pressure on the fetus.

After the early pregnancy, the fever caused by flu will not cause direct harm to your baby. However, pregnant women will be seriously ill because of flu. Therefore, pregnant women should vaccinate influenza vaccines to prevent it.However, if pregnant women are healthy, ordinary pregnancy and fever during pregnancy will not have much impact on pregnant women or fetuses.

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