What should not do during pregnancy?Many expectant mothers don’t know

After pregnancy, women are not only affected by physical factors, but also affected by psychological factors. At this stage, women are relatively fragile and need to pay attention to many things. Many pregnant mothers are not ready during pregnancy.Things, I regret it later, so expectant mothers must do their homework first.

1. Emotional fluctuations are too big

On the one hand, after pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers try to maintain a peaceful mentality as much as possible. On the other hand, due to the impact of hormones, pregnant mothers will become sentimental, such as early pregnancy reactions that occur in early pregnancy, such as drowsiness, dizziness, dizziness, etc.These adverse reactions may cause pregnant mothers to get out of control, but pregnant mothers must learn to regulate their emotions and avoid too much harm to the body.

2. Moving heavy objects, dry heavy work

After pregnancy, the uterus of expectant mothers will slowly grow, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus has not stabilized in all aspects, and the fetus is very fragile during this period. At this timeIt is easy to cause miscarriage, and in the case of too tired, it also has a adverse effect on the development of the baby.

3. Live in the newly renovated house or the place where it is seriously polluted

The newly renovated house will contain formaldehyde, which is extremely unfavorable to the development of the baby. In such an environment, the impact on the baby can be imagined.Places with pollutants can easily cause fetal deformity or even abortion. These expectant mothers must pay attention.

4. Don’t move every day

Some expectant mothers will think that raising tires should take a good rest, and they will never stand on.To do appropriate exercise, such as walking, or walking back and forth indoors, do not nest for a long time. This is not conducive to giving birth to children in the future. Of course, unless the expectant mothers have the need for fetal protection.

5. Use freckle skin care products

During pregnancy, some expectant mothers may have stretch marks on their cheeks. Specific mothers who pay attention to self -image may want to use freckle products, but do not use during pregnancy, because the effect of good freckles and skin care products is high, and the baby baby baby is on the baby baby.There are many adverse effects, and it is easy to make the fetus multi -motion, low intelligence, anemia, etc.

6. Sitting too short or uncomfortable stools or sofas

In the late pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mother could not be squeezed. Sitting on a short stool or sofa would squeeze the stomach and make the baby uncomfortable.

7. Bad online habits

Modern people have become accustomed to living online, but in order to give birth to the health of the baby, expectant mothers should pay attention to overcome the bad Internet habits, such as the Internet for too long, using mobile phones for a long time, and so on.Sitting in front of the computer for a long time can easily cause mental tension and physical fatigue, especially for embryos for the first three months of pregnancy, electromagnetic radiation is not good for the human body, so try to avoid these bad Internet habits.If it is a job need, it is recommended to get up to move every other time in fixation.

8. Wear contact lenses

In the early stages of pregnancy, the endocrine of the pregnant mother will affect the endocrine of the pregnant mother, and it is easy to increase the hypoxia of the corneal. After pregnancy, the tears of the pregnant woman will be reduced.Frame.

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