What should I pay attention to in the first birth check in pregnant women?Accept this early pregnancy check -up strategy

With the improvement of health awareness, more and more people are aware of the importance of the inspection. Most women will start the first birth inspection in the third month of pregnancy.And you can also understand the growth and development of the fetus, and you can also prepare for which hospital in the future.

Many pregnant women will be busy in the first birth checkup. Because they do not have relevant precautions, it is necessary to understand the precautions for the first production inspection.

1. Need an empty stomach

During the birth checkup in the early pregnancy, most of the B -ultrasound examination of the abdomen should be performed. At this time, the pregnant mother needs to go to the hospital for a physical examination, and it cannot be eaten within 8 hours before the examination.Make the results obtained more accurate.

2. Understand the inspection item

There are many items that need to be inspected for the first birth checkup, including some conventional examinations, such as blood pressure, routine blood tests, routine urine examination, height, weight, palace height, hip, fetal heart, liver and kidney function test, testing, testing, testing, testing, testingAIDS’s antibodies, tire testing, checking 6 hepatitis B, examination of hepatitis C virus, examination of virus infection and electrocardiogram, and so on.Pregnant mothers should understand in advance for all preparations.

3. Urine

If the inspection items are involved in the B -ultrasound abdominal examination, then the mother must start urination before the mother checks it.Before checking, the pregnant mother needs to drink a lot of water, so as to make the bladder in a state of filling, can see more clearly, so that the results of the examination can be more accurate.

4. Arrange time

Most people pay more attention to the importance of the production inspection, so the time must be arranged before the inspection. Most hospitals are more people on Monday morning. If the expectant mothers are free time, try not to check on Monday morning to avoid stingingThe urine time is too long.

5. Pay attention to urine examination

When a routine urine examination, the urine should be connected when we pick up the urine. The result of this will be more accurate. Generally, there will be many impurities in the previous hypertrophy, which may affect the final examination results.In addition, when the urine routine examination is performed, it is necessary to keep an empty stomach.

6. The correct measurement of blood pressure

Keep your mood calm when measuring blood pressure, and it must be performed at least half an hour after meals. In addition, the blood pressure test cannot be performed when the exercise is just over, because it will affect the final test results.In addition, when detecting blood pressure, the upper arm should be balanced with the heart.

7. Well the doctor the real situation

During the first check -up, the doctor will record the medical history and life history of pregnant women. At this time, the expectant mother should tell the doctor that the doctor can judge the difficulty of childbirth and the chance of complications during pregnancy, and at the same time, it can also determine the expectant mother.Whether special examinations need to be undergone, if you have been exposed to harmful substances for a long time before pregnancy, you need to conduct special examinations. In addition, the medical history and surgical history must be told the doctor in a timely manner.

Kind tips

After the first birth checkup, pregnant women should obey the doctor’s instructions on time to conduct a physical examination on time. They can learn about their own health in time. They can also understand the growth and development of the fetus in time.The frequency is usually checked every two weeks or every week.

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