What should I pay attention to during pregnancy

1. Don’t take the medicine in a cold

Differential pain is a taboo drug for pregnant women. Aspirin is not suitable for 32 weeks of pregnancy.Antibacterial, pregnant women have no clear evidence of bacterial infection, such as tonsillitis, high blood pressure, coughing yellow sputum, and luminous nasal nose, which may not require antibiotics.Excience and cough medicines are generally safe, but cough medicines containing iodine -containing preparations should not be used.

2. Pay attention to observe that pregnant women have diarrhea

Pregnant women’s diarrhea may cause abortion or premature birth.First of all, do not eat for the time being, make appropriate replenishment, and make up for the water and electrolytes lost due to diarrhea, especially potassium ions, and also supplement the lost heat.

Can prepare some porridge that is easy to digest for pregnant women. If it is not very serious, the empty belly will be fine.While the liquid is replenished, we must closely observe whether the fetus’s condition is good and signs of abortion or premature birth.If the fetal condition is abnormal, you should go to the hospital immediately, and you must not care.

3. Sleeping position correctly during pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the sleeping posture of pregnant women can be casual, mainly using a comfortable position, such as supine position and side lying position.If you sleep on your stomach, or sleep on something to sleep, you should change it.

In the middle of pregnancy, we should pay attention to protecting the abdomen and avoid the direct role of external forces.If pregnant women have too many amniotic fluid or pregnancy, they need to take a side bedroom sleeping position, which can make pregnant women more comfortable.If the pregnant woman feels heavy, she can take a supine position and raises the lower limbs with a soft pillow.

In the third trimester, the left side position should be adopted in this period. This kind of lying can correct the right rotation of the uterus, which can reduce the compression of the aorta and iliac artery of the uterus, increase the blood supply to the fetus, and it is conducive to the fetus of the fetusGrowth and development.

4. Pay attention to bathing

After women are pregnant, sweat and sebaceous glands will secrete strongly and show that they are prone to sweating. Therefore, pregnant women should often take a bath and change their clothes to reduce skin diseases.

5. Precautions for pregnant women to watch TV

Avoid watching TV at close distance: The distance between pregnant mommy is more than 2 meters away from the TV.

Avoid watching TV for a long time: Generally, it is not advisable to watch TV at a time for more than 2 hours to avoid excessive use of the eyes. Pregnant moms with pregnancy hypertension syndrome should pay more attention.

Avoid watching horror, nervousness, and tragic programs. These programs will make the pregnant mummy nervous, and a special substance appears in the blood. The fetus is brought to the fetus through the placenta to disturb the fetus.

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