What should I pay attention to?

Many pregnant women will change their mood and body during pregnancy.

Especially the prospective mother who is pregnant for 40 -year -old pregnancy

Skin changes: Because a new blood flows in your body, it will make your skin look young, so your capillaries will be filled and expanded. You will be surprised to find that your skin color is rosy.Get up, at the age of 40, your skin has been wrinkled and dry. Even if you are pregnant, your moisturizing and wrinkle work cannot be stopped at all. This is definitely good for your skin recovery in the future; what will your hair:During pregnancy, many natural changes in your body stopped temporarily. If you already have white hair, you don’t have to worry about it will increase.Maybe if you think of hair dyeing, one is that you can not dye your hair during pregnancy, but the latest statement is that you should not dye your hair before 20 weeks of pregnancy, and the later time is possible; change of body shape: As you get older, your body metabolism is increased, and the body’s metabolismThe ability will naturally decrease, fat starts to deposit in the abdomen, hips, and thighs. If the weight gains too much during pregnancy, it will not only cause difficulty in the recovery of the body, but also the situation of hypertension. Generally speaking, the weight gain increases.It is the best between 10 and 20 kg.

Of course, at this time you don’t want to die and participate in high -intensity exercise at this time, your body must be controlled by reasonable diet and moderate exercise.Women over 40 years of age should pay special attention to the intake of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and eat more green vegetables, nuts, grains, milk, fish oil, beans, etc.; Prenatal health care: You should look at the changes in your body closely,Because pregnancy is absolutely different from 20 -year -old pregnancy.Do not miss all pregnancy examinations. At the same time, doctors will also emphasize that you can tell you the necessary inspections and monitoring, all of which are necessary for having a healthy baby; production: pregnant women over 40 years old, pregnant women over 40 years old, pregnant women over 40,The doctor will recommend that you do a caesarean section.There is no pain in a caesarean section, but it is also dangerous.Generally speaking, about 10 days after surgery, the wound will heal, but the pain brought by the surgery may last for a few weeks; appearance: If your skin and hair are abnormal, don’t worry!The sharp decline in hormone levels will make your skin spots. At the same time, there are also hair loss. These will slowly return to normal after your body is restored to normal;It is very beneficial to the recovery of the body, especially the practice of strengthening the pelvic muscles.

Physical recovery: If you are a cesarean section, your body recovery time will be relatively long. Generally, you need to stay in bed for more than 10 days. You will find that you need to take a good rest at this time.Go to sleep and ensure nutritional supplement.At the same time, surgery may also affect breastfeeding.

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