What should I manage during pregnancy?How to do a good relationship, the calf is strong?

The cow is not thin after pregnancy, nor too fat!How to feed the feed to ensure the normal growth of pregnant cows?Different in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, we must adhere to scientific feeding!

The early pregnancy is the first three months of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus in the stomach is forming various tissue organs. Relatively speaking, the growth rate is relatively slow, and the amount of nutrition is not too high, but it is still necessary to ensure that nutritional intakethe quality of.Because if malnutrition or lack of certain elements will cause embryonic death or deformity, it is easy to have a serious impact on the fetus.

Therefore, at this time, the feed should ensure the full price of nutrients. Among them, various trace elements, vitamins, and minerals must be fully supplemented. At this time, the feeding method is mainly high -quality coarse feed.The breeding method of empty cows can be cultivated.Seeing feed ratio can be referred to: 72.5%corn, 15%soybean meal, 8%bran, 1.5%bone powder, 1%of salt, and 2%premix.

In the middle of pregnancy, the three months in the middle of pregnancy, that is, between March and June. At this time, the growth and development of the fetus will gradually accelerate, and the required nutrition will increase.Therefore, at this stage, it is necessary to improve the nutritional level, which can not only meet the growth of the fetus, but also meet the growth of the cow itself.Seeing feed ratio can be referred to: 68%of corn, 15%soybean meal, 15%wheat bran, 1%salt, and 1%premix.

The last pregnancy is the last three months of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal bones, muscles and other functions have developed the fastest, and their weight will increase rapidly. Therefore, more nutrients are needed.During this period, the weight gain of the fetus can account for 60%to 70%of the original weight of the calf. If there is no sufficient nutrients, it will cause the calves to be small, weak, and poor in disease.EssenceTherefore, we must strengthen the feeding management in the late pregnancy, improve the nutritional level of the feed, and provide sufficient protein and minerals.In addition, the rough feed in this period can choose to be green and juicy, and the texture is much more soft. The amount of seizure feed can be increased to double the early pregnancy.

Although it is necessary to ensure the balanced nutrients during pregnancy, do not raise too much. Once the emotion is too fat, the fetus will excessively develop, increasing the probability of dystocia.Of course, too thinness is also not desirable. The lack of nutrition will lead to weak cows, insufficient milk production, and low -growing calves, which may cause miscarriage in severe cases.Therefore, during the pregnancy, it is necessary to keep the medium -sized affection in strict accordance with scientific feeding methods.

It is also necessary to maintain a certain amount of exercise, which can be controlled for about 2 hours a day, which can strengthen the cow constitution and prevent too much love.Of course, avoid cattle jumping or getting rid of during exercise, and do not walk steep slopes or turn sharply, especially the rainy weather is slippery, try not to go out, so as not to cause cow abortion.

The nutrition of cows during pregnancy is a key issue, but it must be prohibited from feeding moldy feed. Otherwise, mold toxins accumulate in the body of the cow, and there will be a problem of diarrhea, miscarriage, and dead tires.For example, grains and acid feeds are also prohibited from feeding, otherwise it will cause cows to abort and bring serious economic losses to farmers.

When breeding and breeding cows, calves are "money", which is vital to farmers.So, in order to breed more smoothly and make more and more money, we must carefully manage and feed scientifically!That’s it for today’s content. Friends who read it, remember to praise and follow, we will see it next time!

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