What should I eat for pregnancy vomiting?Try these methods to reduce some sense of suffering

Today, I saw such a news. A 30 -year -old British expectant mother could not drink water throughout pregnancy due to pregnancy vomiting reactions. At the same time, he received 27 hospital intravenous infusion treatment, often living with popsicles and diseases.During the 10 -month pregnancy, six were lying on the bed, and they had to take a wheelchair when they got up.

Is it easy to give birth to a baby?

Speaking of which I can’t help but think of my boss, when I take the bus every day to work, I cover my mouth in the car, and I vomit when I get out of the car.EssenceEssenceEssence

I remember that I was afraid of buses at that time, sometimes I took a taxi to work, and sometimes I applied to work at home with the company, so that I slowly spent this difficult day.

In fact, my pregnancy vomiting is not very serious, because mine only happens in the early stages of pregnancy.A mother around me, vomiting from pregnancy to spitting from early pregnancy, very hard.

How does pregnancy vomiting happen?In life, how can we alleviate this symptom, or do we need to do before preparing for pregnancy?

The true cause of pregnancy vomiting is not clear, but scientists propose a variety of theories based on some phenomena, and there are two common causes of possible causes of this symptom.

One is the cause of fluctuations of the physical hormone level of prospective mothers, because the severity of pregnancy vomiting in the experiment is that the concentration of melting fur membrane hormone in the mothers is proportional to the concentration of the melting of the people.The larger.

After the expectant mother conceives, in order to adapt to this change, the body will increase the secretion of hormones, leading to a much higher level than the original level, and this change will cause gastrointestinal disorders, reduce the secretion of gastric acid, slow the speed of gastric emptying speedAnd the intestinal peristalsis ability decreases, and even the cardiac sphincter of the stomach and the esophagus connection will also relax, resulting in the slow downward speed of food.When these foods accumulate a certain amount, they will flow into the esophagus and vomit.

The other is the influence of genes. This is the result found in a study at the University of California: there are two genes of pregnancy vomiting, which will perform extremely high.The two genes are GDF15 and IGFBP7, which are involved in the development of the placenta and the adjustment of appetite in the early pregnancy and appetite. At the same time, the DNA around them will mutate, so that the body may cause pregnancy vomiting reactions due to DNA variation.

Regardless of the impact of genes or hormones, some relevant personnel have done corresponding research on the problem of alleviating pregnancy vomiting. The results show that the best way to prevent pregnancy and vomiting is to prepare sufficient nutrition in the early stages of pregnancy, so that the mother’s body nutrition can reach the best stateEssenceIt is recommended to alleviate pregnancy and pregnancy from the beginning of pregnancy. In particular, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet and exercise in appropriate amount. If you have the habit of picky eaters, take comprehensive vitamins and minerals every day during pregnancy to ensure the nutritional reserves of the mother.In addition to these, what are the precautions for diet if you vomit and vomit during pregnancy.

Eat less.After women conceive, their appetite and body will become lazy. They do not want to eat or want to move, but for the health of the fetus and mother, it is recommended to eat in a small amount of meals.A small amount of purpose is to reduce the symptoms of pregnancy and vomiting, ensure that food nutrition can be completely absorbed, and more meals can help ensure the sufficient energy of the maternal body, maintain normal metabolism and immune function of the body.

The meal speed should be slow.The absorption and peristalsis of gastrointestinal and intestines should be relatively slow after conception. If you rush to eat at this time, it will easily cause food to flow into the esophagus and then vomit.If we have chewed food for a long time in the processing area, and the food becomes many small particles, it will better absorb when it flows into the stomach, and it will also improve their work efficiency, and it is not easy to cause food to flow.

Supplement all -valley food in an appropriate amount.Such foods are rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, B vitamins, etc. Among them, B1 and B6 of B vitamins have a certain alleviating effect on pregnancy vomiting.It’s just that because it is not easy to digest in the gastrointestinal and intestines, or the digestive time is relatively long, and the stomach emptiness is slow. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an appropriate amount.If the pregnancy is particularly powerful, you can also buy B6 nutrients to add. With comprehensive vitamins, the absorption effect will be better.

Eat less cold or strong food.After the expectant mother conceive, the taste sensitivity will increase. If you encounter the smell that he doesn’t like, vomiting will occur.I am pregnant with my two children in my family. I ca n’t smell garlic. Other people ’s fried garlic flavor is odor during my period, and there will be severe vomiting reactions. It is recommended that pregnant mothers also avoid these strong flavors.food.For cold foods, it is particularly easy to harm the spleen and stomach, increase the risk of stomach diarrhea, and bloating. At the same time, it will reduce the body’s immune function and affect the digestion and absorption of other foods.

Although the vomiting of pregnancy is very hard, it is not all bad. Some studies have shown that the risk of abortion in the later stage of fetal abortion will be reduced by 50%-75%after vomiting.benefit.Therefore, in the face of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, we need to adopt rational and scientific methods to relieve the occurrence of symptoms.””””

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