What should I do without advantageous follicles?

Doctor Chen, I monitored the follicles for several months, and did not find superior follicles. What should I do?

The premise of pregnancy is to have advantageous follicle development to mature follicles, and then successfully discharge, and the sky coats connected in all links can be pregnant to get pregnant.Under normal circumstances, there will be an advantageous follicles every month to mature, and you can get pregnant after ovulation.If there is no advantageous follicles in women, mature follicles will not grow.There is no prerequisite for pregnancy, so you cannot get pregnant.

The so -called advantageous follicles are in the first half of the menstrual cycle -follicle period, under the action of estrogen.There are usually several follicles developing one after another and gradually grow up.At this time, if you do an ultrasonic examination, you can see one of the most of the follicles. When the size reaches or more than 10mm, it is called an advantageous follicles.This advantageous follicles continue to grow, and the growth rate is faster than other follicles. When it grows to about 20mm, it has fertilization ability, which is called mature follicles.

When the menstrual cycle is normal, through the B-ultrasound monitoring, if the menstrual cycle is 30 days, it will be regarded as an advantageous follicles above 1.0 or more on the 8-10 days of menstruation.Continue monitoring and ovulation around 14-16 on the menstruation.After mature follicles, other follicles have been absorbed and disappeared after ovulation.

When ovulation monitoring, no superior follicles were found, and mature follicles were not seen.This situation may be related to the hormone level in the body, or it may be a manifestation of insufficient ovarian reserve function.One of the ovulation disorders in infertility can cause menstrual abnormalities and infertility.

The reasons without advantageous follicles are very complicated. The development of follicles is mainly related to the regulation of endocrine in the body. The factors that affect the development of follicles include pituitary and hypothalamic brain, as well as premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.Symptoms are more common.

There is no advantageous follicles in follicle monitoring. First of all, pay attention to conditioning, properly exercise, control weight, maintain the laws of life, develop good living habits, and make the endocrine and ovulation function normal.If long -term anxiety, insomnia, poor rest, irregular life, and staying up late may cause endocrine disorders and affect ovulation function.Therefore, we must first develop good habits.

AMH value is needed to check 6 sex hormones and ovarian reserve functions.To determine whether the level of hormone is normal, at the same time do B -ultrasound examination to judge the size of the ovaries.

For women with no advantageous follicles, it is necessary to consider applying ovulation -promoting drugs for treatment under the guidance of doctors, promoting follicle development, and helping follicles grow up and mature. Many women can get pregnant through ovulation treatment.

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