What should I do to me like this after pregnancy with her online dating boyfriend, what should I do?

First of all, I met with him through the game. Like most online dating, seeing his background photo feels handsome, and then he just lost love. He shared his past with me, and then I would comfort him.Over time, I have feelings, and finally I am together. At first, I was sweet like me. Although I was more than 1,000 kilometers in different places, I thought that I would not be deceived anyway. Wen Ai had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, I am very happy. Just when I was together every day, I drove, and I would n’t forget to reply to his news. Later, I felt that after all, it was time to separate it, but he was crying.I separated, and then I found that I liked him so much, I went to his city to find him, the motorcycle at 10 o’clock in the evening, and he picked me after getting off the bus.This is equivalent to running.

He is 180 tall and looks good, but I am not bad. After the two of us meet, we are even more loving. We have been sticking to the hotel for a few days.He won’t let me eat, and get married when he said, but you live in the village in the city in the city, and you are only 21 years old. You can’t afford it. In factLet’s, after returning, I still like him except taking medicine.

Then the green started. For a few days, a ex -girlfriend came out. His ex -girlfriend gave him the first time.I actually believed it, and then when I was on his title, I found that his ex -girlfriend added a word. I miss you and add it. At that time, I was angry.I didn’t see them chat two days before. Later, the daughter asked him to discover it. At that time, I just took his number. I was polite to his ex -girlfriend, hello, he has rest, you have a hurry, you have an urgent matterCall him.The woman said why I didn’t know that he had a girlfriend and asked me to show her a photo.Then I passed the photo and talked to her for a long time.The next day, he blame me to tell my ex -girlfriend about my identity. Now even friends can’t do it, and then I am angry and throw him up. He harassed me for a week and bought it.When I came to me here, he said that you have to see you do nothing. Later, of course, it is impossible for adults to do anything.As a result, on the last night, I discovered that he got off the little love, which was the kind of software that was loving with his ex -girlfriend. I asked him to show me. He would not give it. I said, break up if you don’t give it.It is also when the breakup I gave you, he also knew that it was impossible in a different place, and it was default.

However, in the middle of the way, he started harassing me again. Although I never looked for him, I was helpless to live well, and there was a height of 180. I had a bad life in the past few months.After him, he came to me again, so I finally wiped my tears with you to sleep with you.

But now, I really decide to break up.After seeing it a few times, every time I didn’t want to do forced to do it, I took it out for shopping and I never waited for me.I really don’t understand where I look at him. The device lives well, and the 180 voice controls the height control. Later, he also said that I was ugly. I never said that I had a girlfriend and would not show affection.

It makes sense. If as a side person, I think he is very scum, but as myself, I still like him very much, and it is still very sad to break up. Hey, I also warn everyone that good horses do not eat back grass, and they will repeat the same mistakes back!

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