What should I do more than a long cough in infection with the new coronal virus?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 30th. Question: What should I do if I infected with the new crown virus?——The authoritative experts answer the hot topic of preventing epidemic prevention

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Cough is one of the common symptoms after infection with new coronary virus.Why do you have symptoms of cough and sputum after infection with the new coronary virus?What should I do if I keep coughing after infection?How to treat it?Yang Ting, deputy director of the respiratory center of the China -Japan Friendship Hospital, Professor Xu Kaifeng, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine of the Beijing Union Hospital, Su Nan, the director of the Division of Sino -Japanese Friendship Hospital, answered these hot issues concerned by the public.

Question: Why does the symptoms of cough and sputum occur after infection with the new coronary virus?

Answer: Not only the new coronary virus, many respiratory virus infections will have cough and sputum. This is called cough after infection or coughing after a cold, mainly because the virus damage the airway mucosa, and the submucosal nerve exposure causes the smooth muscle to increase the reactivityIt is prone to airway contraction.Some people are manifested as dry cough, and the right cough medicine can be used.Some people are manifested as phlegm and can generally use phlegm.

Q: What should I do if I keep coughing after infection with the new coronary virus?

Answer: The cough is divided into acute cough (less than 3 weeks), subacute cough (3 to 8 weeks) and chronic cough (greater than 8 weeks) according to the course of disease.The most common cause of sub -acute cough is cough after infection, followed by the early stage of chronic cough, and a small number of people are delayed infectious cough.

Cough after infection of the new coronal virus is also a kind of subacute cough.After the infection of the new coronary virus, a small amount of phlegm left by patients with mild patients can last for 3 to 8 weeks.

After infection, cough is mostly manifested as irritating dry cough or a small amount of white mucus. It is normal to check the chest X -ray slices, and the lung function is normal.Cough after infection is usually self -limiting, and the symptoms can be treated with symptoms.

Q: How to treat cough after infection with new coronal virus?Do I need to use antibiotics?

Answer: There is no need to treat the symptoms of mild cough.When the symptoms of cough affect life, it is recommended to see a doctor. You can use drugs that relieve the symptoms of cough, or you can also consider the treatment of corticosteroid inhalation.If there is a history of asthma or cough mutant asthma, it can be inhaled according to asthma with composite preparations containing hormone and bronchial dilators, or increases the dose of hormone in the usual daily aspiration.If the drug treatment is not good, you need to go to the hospital to further evaluate the cause of cough and adjust the treatment plan.

New coronal virus infection is a virus infection without using antibiotics.However, in some cases, such as elderly patients, especially elderly patients who merge with new coronary virus pneumonia, or increase the risk of bacterial infection, the risk of combined with bacterial infection can be considered.

Q: What are the precautions for patients with repeated cough?

Answer: Smoking patients must quit smoking.Patients with hypertension need to check whether there is a drug named "Pully" in the antihypertensive drug used. This is a kind of vascular tensionin conversion enzyme inhibitor, which may lead to worsening cough symptoms.Patients with respiratory diseases in the past, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary, and pulmonary fibrosis, need to understand whether the treatment plan needs to be adjusted.Patients with the foundation of cardiopulmonary diseases need to bring their own oxygen instruments to dynamically understand the changes in blood oxygen saturation.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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