What should I do if there are mold during pregnancy?What is the impact on the baby?

If you suddenly feel that the pussy feels itching and the increase in leucorrhea during pregnancy, don’t care about it. You are likely to be infected with mold.

Bacteria vaginitis (Candida vaginitis) is more common in patients with antibiotic treatment or corticosteroid treatment for pregnant women with diabetes for a long time, as well as tight -fitting fiber panties, and obesity is also conducive to Candida breeding.

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This is a common gynecological disease that not only causes discomfort caused by itching leucorrhea, but also has a certain impact on the baby during childbirth.If the fetus goes through the vagina during childbirth, it is prone to goose sores, dermatitis, etc., especially female babies are more likely to be infected with mold inflammation.

Because the fetus is in the period of division and proliferation of tissue organs, it is vulnerable to the influence of external material and the division and proliferation period is dry.Within three months, especially 15-56 days, if the embryo organs are highly differentiated, if there is a drug influence, it may cause the fetal deformity or even abortion.

Therefore, during pregnancy, if there is a mold infection, you cannot take medicine without authorization. If you must use the medicine, you must use it under the doctor’s obey, so as not to have any impact on the fetus.

Clinical patients are manifested in vulvar itching and burning pain. In severe cases, they are also accompanied by frequent urination and pain in frequent urination. The leucorrhea characteristics are white thick milk or tofu slag.There are diverse changes in the epidermis; sometimes the submucosal mucosa erosion and superficial ulcers can be seen.

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Pregnant women suffer from moldy vaginitis, and the treatment must be thorough, and the drug is automatically stopped as soon as the symptoms are reduced.

Within 12 weeks of pregnancy, 2% -3% soda water, Jieer Yin clean the vulva and vagina, and change the underwear every day, and wash it with the towels and pots.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, after washing in the above method, gently dry the vulva and place the vagina deep in the vagina.Apply to the vulva.Generally, 10-14 days is a course of treatment. After 7 days of stopping the medicine, the symptoms disappear for the third time after 2 weeks of the mold. After the healing, the treatment can be ended.

After 35 weeks of pregnancy, in order to avoid intrauterine infections, do not perform in -vaginal operations.

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Usually do the cleaning of the genitals and pay attention to hygiene when sexual intercourse. Generally, mold will not be infected.Especially when preparing to be a mother, pay attention to this, so as not to bring unnecessary diseases to the baby infection, and it can also reduce its own discomfort.

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